Where’s my coffee, it’s Monday!

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

It’s Monday again, and whilst I may not have spent my Sunday fully preparing for the week ahead, we did manage to have a fun-packed couple of days spent with family and friends and I’m ready for the week ahead!

We spent some time at a new farm shop that has opened and sells fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, all very reasonably priced and so lovely to look at!

Keelham Farm Shop

They also have an in-store bakery with delicious pastries, so I treated me and the toddler to Saturday morning croissants! To be honest, the treat was more for me, she ate some normal toast after refusing the flaky pastry, but that meant more for me so I wasn’t complaining:-)

I made a delicious mezze last night for dinner and will share some of the elements later this week in a recipe post!

I didn’t do any exercise except walking around the park and town with the little one, a lot! But I did do some squats, I might  make it into a July Squat Challenge, would anyone else want to do it?

Drum roll please – after upping my exercise a little bit and making more of an effort to eat consciously, I’m down 1lb since last week to 160lb! Only 6lb to go to reach my goal for the end of August!

Did you all have a good weekend?


When you are looking to lose weight and enjoy a healthier diet, do you have cheat meals or cheat days?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately as sometimes having a ‘treat’, as in your favourite chocolate bar, Krispy Kreme or carb-heavy, cheese-heavy pasta dish can take the edge off feeling like all you eat is super grains, salad and fruit. But what happens when a small treat turns into a weekend of heavy indulgence, it becomes so much harder to get back into healthy eating.

Take a couple of weeks ago compared to this weekend as an example. Two weekends ago I had enjoyed a week of good healthy food and consistent exercise, and when it came to the weekend, I knew I didn’t want to see all that good work go to waste. So I had a nice meal out with the hubby on Friday, but when Saturday and Sunday rolled round, I was back to healthy eating and going for walks with the little one. I noticed it on the scale and I felt good as Monday came back around.

This weekend however, Friday started with a cheesy pasta dish (I will share the recipe as it is divine!) and then wine, toasted sandwiches, chips and chicken kievs and lots of chocolate all happened. Oh yeah. Once I had had that first ‘treat’ I felt like I could keep going and this morning, all that’s left is feelings of mild guilt and disappointment.

I think what it comes down to is moderation. And it helps to stock your cupboard with moderation in mind. For example, instead of full-size bottles of wine, you can get some nifty 150cl bottles and just have one on an evening. Buy funsize chocolate bars and only take one from the kitchen into the living room. Shopping smart and not putting treats in front of you will help to combat cravings and gluttony.

Coming up with meals and recipes that make you feel like you have indulged whilst being made with healthy whole foods can also help. For example swapping spaghetti with courgette spirals or make dark chocolate discs with dried fruit and nuts instead of eating a whole chocolate bar.

Do you have any healthy recipes that don’t really feel all that healthy?

Maybe you eat really well during the week and then at the weekend you relax a little bit? Or maybe you prefer to stick rigidly to healthy eating because cheat meals can set you back?


Staying on track during long weekends

Summer is upon us and there are lots of long weekends this year! Memorial Day has just passed in the US and now we are looking forward to Jubilee weekend, but it can be hard to stay on a healthy track when schedules are thrown out the window and all you want to do is relax and enjoy your time off!

So here are my tips for making sure that you can eat healthy, stay active, all whilst enjoying yourself, which really is the most important thing!

1. Plan ahead – this can be hard as plans can change at a moments notice, but if you know what you are doing each day, you can plan time in for exercise and also plan your meals.

2. Be the perfect guest – if you are going to a party and fear that there will only be fatty and unhealthy foods, offer to take something with you that you know you can eat and wont feel guilty about. And you will get bonus points from the host!

3. Play games – if you are spending time with family and friends, incorporate games into the weekend such as rounders, baseball or football. This is a fun activity that you can all join in with, including the children, and it will get your heart rate going. If you are spending time as a couple, go for a walk and end it with a drink at a country pub or afternoon tea!

4. Take a picnic – if the weather is nice and you choose to take it outside and have a picnic, there are so many different snacks you can enjoy guilt-free! Asparagus wrapped in parma ham, roast vegetable cous cous, fruit salad, hummus and vegetable sticks, the choices are endless…

And if all else fails, indulge, enjoy a glass of pimms or vintage cider, eat what you want and we can get back to being healthy during the week!

What’s your favourite weekend activity?

Happy weekend everyone xoxo

It’s Bloomin’ Friday!

Wahoo, the weekend is upon us and in exactly 1 3/4 hours I will be finishing work for the day!

This weekend is definitely not going to be healthy but do you know what…it is going to be sooo much fun!

Tonight is a meal and drinks in Leeds with my mum and sister to celebrate my mum selling one of the two houses she has just built, tomorrow is the football and since the hubby is away I am stealing his season ticket and going to be a hooligan, and then Sunday is Twilight, which means lots of pick and mix sweets!

Hope you all have good weekends too!


Can it last through the weekend?

I don’t know about you, but I always find it so difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle during the weekend. I like the odd Gin and Tonic and we often go out to eat on a Friday night and Sunday lunchtime. When eating out it is so difficult to choose a healthy option, especially if you are a fussy eater (I could be classed as fussy although I think I just have a refined palette) and there will often be hidden calories and fat in dressings and sauces.

Well…this weekend I am going to make an effort to stick to my new balanced lifestyle. One of the main problems is that during the week my meals are structured. I have my breakfast, have my lunch at work and then go home and have dinner. At the weekend there is no such structure – sometimes I will have breakfast but mostly I will miss it then have a lot to eat mid-morning, miss my lunch then have an afternoon snack and a big dinner – or no dinner and end up in the kebab shop at 1am. I wait until I am hungry which means I often eat more – I also choose bad foods including chocolate (see my previous post here) lots of chocolate.

So, this weekend I will make sure I have breakfast and then keep myself busy until lunch time. This shouldn’t be too hard as I am decorating my spare bedroom and prepping my house for when we get re-plastered. Also, I am at a party so I know to wait until I get to the buffet instead of eating a big dinner before I go and then sticll tucking into a mini sausage roll or two!

Happy weekends everyone, sending you luck for your healthy weekend!


What a weekend!

So this weekend ended up being a bit mad and I am glad I have stopped trying to plan meals for the weekend – because I never know where I am going to be or what we will be doing!

Friday night started with a little sleep on my sofa with the hubby after work before we ordered Chinese food and had a glass of wine with soda at a local pub. I chose Chicken chow mein with crispy noodles which was very yummy but too much, so I left some! (Before I would have carried on eating to the point of feeling sick but I recognised that I was full and put my fork down!)

Saturday started doing some housework then I headed into town for a coffee with my mum and a bit of shopping. I purchased some brilliant boots from New Look which are on my feet as I speak. At least you don’t put weight on your feet – you can always find a pair of shoes to fit!

I then headed out to watch the local football team with a friend before heading to the pub with said friend, hubby and football team! A planned couple of drinks turned into a night on the town with a group of friends and waaaaaay tooooo many Gin and Tonics! I caved in and headed to a take-away for garlic bread with cheese and chicken nuggets:-)

Sunday was then spent watching a brilliant game of football and the mighty Man City won, wahoo! Just 2 bottles of raspberry flavoured Kopperberg this time and some M&S spinach pasta for tea.

What a weekend! I had planned to stay in and do some DIY!

Oh well, there’s always next weekend xoxo