Olympics – My Favourite Moments so Far!

Week 1 of the Olympics is coming to a close this weekend, so I thought I’d round up some of my favourite moments! Now even though I’m british and we’re doing stonkingly well so far, I will be impartial so you’ll several nationalisites in this round-up!


Canadian swimmer Santo Conorelli gives his Dad the finger before each race. What a pair of legends!

Santo Condorelli
(Photo taken from news.com.au)

Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui is one of the most adorbale characters from the Olympics so far. She’s enthusiastic, a little bit nerdy and looks like she’s having a ball! She even had to be told by a Chinese news reporter that she’s won the bronze medal!

Check out her Twitter Moment for some of the best GIFS.



Team USA Gymnasts Aly Raisman & Simone Biles competing in the team all-round final and the individual all-round final (she’ll compete in the 4 individual events next week).

Both of these ladies are simple INCREDIBLE! I loved Raisman’s beam routine and both of their floor routines. In the words of Bring It On, they “stick it”!

Max Whitlock achieving bronze in the men’s individual all-round competition was also a highlight!

Synchronised Diving

I missed the women’s events because I was watching the gymnastics, but the 10m and 3m men’s events were incredible! The emotion from both team GB pairs was great to see. Chris Mears & Jack Laugher on 3m winning Gold and Tom Daley & Dan Goodfellow on 10m winning Bronze.

The Chinese pair in the 10m event were unsurpassed and my favouriote name from the Olympics so far came from the Team USA pair – Steele Johnson!

Let’s not even mention the green pool!

Track & Field

I haven’t seen much of the track and field action so far, but there are two standouts, both coming from the 10,000 metre races.

In the men’s race, Mo Farah had a nasty tumble and then proceeded to get up, finish and WIN the race! Such incredible sportsmanship and his post-race interview for the BBC showed just how much emotion these athletes put into their sport.

I love Mo, and if you can access BBC iPlayer I would definitely recommend watching the “Mo Farah: Race of His Life” documentary. Watch it here.

Ethiopioan running superstar Almaz Ayana breaking the World Record in the women’s 10,000 metre race was amazing to watch as she flew around the track! She finished the race in 29:17.45 which is my average 5k pace! I cannot even fathom how it would feel to keep up that pace for over 6 miles!

That’s my round-up so far! The time difference has meant I don’t get to watch as much of the Games as I would like, but the BBC coverage has been excellent, especially with the red button.

I’ll do another post once the Olympics have finished with the rest of my favourite moments. Please share in the comments section what your favourite moment has been and why!

Review: Sportswear – favourite pieces of sports clothing

I’m a bit of a floozy (don’t you just love that word) when it comes to sportswear, I’ll try pretty much any brand and love it when I can recommend a brand based on experience.

My ‘sports draw’ has all sorts of brands in from Asics (my favourite trainer) to Nike, Adidas, and some non-traditional fitness brands like Gap, H&M, and Mango.


The fact that ‘Athleisure-wear’ is no trendy means that many high street retailers are expanding their lines into sportswear, with mixed degrees of success.

Here’s some of my favourite items, and why I love them!

Asics Gel-Nimbus 16 – this is a pretty pricey trainer but when you’re running 10+ miles a week you want to make sure that your trainers are right for you. I tried on soooo many pairs of trainers before choosing the Nimbus, including Adidas (too narrow) and Nike (just felt weird). The Asics offer really good support and although they may not be the prettiest trainers, they come in loads of bright colours!

Asics gel Nimbus

GapFit gFast reflective fleece leggings – I scored this pair of leggings during the Black Friday sales (thank you for the import of this great sale America!) and they have to be the softest trousers I’ve ever owned. The fleece inside is soft without being too over-heating, and the high waist features a draw cord which is a must if you don’t like having to adjust whilst you’re exercising. The trousers feature a line of small reflective squares down the outside of both legs, ideal for running in the darker months.

Gap Fit Leggings

Mountain Warehouse running trousers – another for the cold weather, I never thought of Mountain warehouse as a sports brand, and truth be told, their range isn’t the biggest, but these trousers are so good I have two pairs! Warm, comfortable, draw cord, practical, they won’t be winning any style awards but for practicality you can’t beat them!

Mountain Warehouse Running Trousers

H&M long sleeve top – Another great find, H&M are really stepping up their game when it comes to sportswear, mixing function with fashion really well. I bought this long sleeve top ages ago, and wear it at least once a week for outside runs or some gentle stretching.

HM long sleeve top

Garmin 10 Running Watch – OK so it isn’t really clothing, but I love my Garmin! I used to use map My Run on my phone but it was just too buggy and I couldn’t find any other running apps that worked well. This watch is really easy to use and comes in loads of colours (I’ve got the purple one). I use it to keep pace, time and distance and then connect it with My Fitness Pal. The only issue is that it can be slow to find my location initially, but I use hat time to sort out my music/headphones/keys etc.

Garmin Forerunner 10

These are some of my favourite sportswear brands, I also have a drawer full of t-shirts from Nike, SweatShop, Next etc. that I use for my workouts but don’t really have a favourite. Next on my list to buy is a long vest with narrow arm holes (I don’t want my bra on show) that I can wear to Zumba, so that when I’m grooving and shaking it doesn’t ride up, anyone know where I can get one?

What are your favourite brands for working out in?

The sun is shining – 5 great outdoor workouts

The sun is finally shining and if you’re anything like me you will not want to spend hot summer days sweating in the gym. Taking your workout outside will not only allow you to enjoy nature, the weather and fresh air but it is also a great way to spend time with friends and family.

So, here are my top 5 workouts that you can do outside…

1. Tennis – I love a game of tennis, especially if you and your partner are equally matched in skill level as it means you can achieve some really good rallies. You can choose to play with one opponent (singles) or team up against another pair of tennis players (doubles). Whilst playing tennis you can expect to burn between 350 and 600 calories and hour (depending on your weight) and you can enjoy Pimms and Wimbledon-style strawberries and cream afterwards!


2. Running – Running in the great outdoors is so much more enjoyable than pounding away on the treadmill. Choosing new routes allows you to see landmarks and sights you have not seen before and breathing in fresh air has to better than the sweaty smelly air of the gym, right? Running for an hour will burn around 400-1000 calories depending on how fast you run and your weight – and if it gets too hot you can always take a dip in a local river or the sea to cool off!

3. Rounders – During the summer months I compete in a local rounders competition, playing twice a week for about three months. Teams are made up of 9 people and you have three rounds of batting, and three rounds of fielding. For those who don’t know what rounders is, it’s similar to baseball! Rounders gives you an all-round workout with some aerobic action and it improves your throw! You can expect to burn about 300-400 calories per game.


4. Football – Now I can’t play football very well, but it is sooo much fun! Get a group of you in a local park/field with a ball and have a kick-about. So long as you don’t stand still for the whole match you will be giving your heart a good workout and also improving your co-ordination. In an hour you can burn around 400 calories!



5. Swimming – All the benefits of swimming can be seen in a recent post here but taking it outside into a pool, river or the sea just makes it more fun!

So they are my top 5 outdoor exercises – what do you enjoy doing outside?