Recipe: Tropical Smoothie

A quick recipe today, and adding to my smoothie repertoire, I give you, the Tropical Smoothie!

Tropical Smoothie

Mango, pineapple and bananas blended with 0% Greek yoghurt and some water.

I used my smoothie 2 go blender and filled the cup 1/2 way with frozen mango and pineapple, then a ripe banana and two tablespoons of yoghurt. I added about 2cm of hot water as I find frozen pineapple hard to blend.

Whizz together until smooth and pour into a glass or bowl. I topped mine with some frozen raspberries and then added some Fuel 10k protein granola after I took the photo.

I’m definitely adding this one into my regular breakfast bowl rotation, and my toddler loved the “YELLOW SMOOTHIE”!

I imagine this would be good with some avocado or spinach blended too!


Friday Round-Up: Game Changer…

You guys, this morning I added half an avocado into my normal smoothie recipe and it was a game changer!  So smooth and velvety and helped to create a much creamier taste. I also feel fuller! It’s definitely something I’ll be adding regularly.

Smoothie Bowl

Last night I ran 9.1km in 55 mins, and considering I only started running properly again 2 weeks ago, I’m happy with the time. I’m now going to concentrate on building stamina through long runs and strength/speed through HIIT and leg work, so that hopefully come June I can run a sub-56 10-km in Manchester. Then I’ll be looking to go sub-54 at Salford in September.


It was my birthday this week, so I’ve been gorging on chocolate and sweet treats, and over indulgent meals. I also have a big girls night out planned on Saturday, so I’m not feeling my healthiest, but I am feeling happy with life outside of my 9-5. Work sucks!

The stress and anxiety has definitely had a negative affect on my exercise and health, but I do have a job interview on Monday for something I could get really passionate about! The only downside is its part-time, and I need full-time hours, but I’m looking into supplementing the job with freelance work if I get it! I’ll keep you updated.

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday Round-Up: Juice me baby!

And no, that isn’t some weird fetish, it’s me, jumping on the juice bandwagon and I’ve had two this week!

1) Match a Green Tea and Pineapple


The ingredients are bananas, matcha green tea, pineapple, kale, spinach and soy milk! It was delicious and really filled me up. Who am I?!?

2) Protein Power Smoothie


Pineapple, apples, avocado and banana! Superior smooth and creamy but surprisingly tasty!

I’ve slacked a bit on exercise this week with just 1 zumba session so tonight I did some dancing and weights in the loving room.



I’m on the lookout for some new trainers for my zumba classes, my asics are a bit too focused for running and I’d like something a bit more flexible, any suggestion?

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl with Nutty Granola

I try to make sure that we eat a healthy breakfast each morning at around 7am, which is sometimes easier said than done whilst trying to get ready for work and the toddler ready for nursery.

One of my favourites is a banana berry smoothie bowl topped with granola. Not only does it taste delicious, but it keeps me satisfied until mid-morning and is packed full of healthy ingredients.


I have a smoothie2go maker which is super convenient as you just put all of your ingredients into the cup, screw on the lid and attached it to the machine. You can then choose to drink the smoothie straight from the cup, add a travel lid or pour it into a bowl as I do.

You can mix up the ingredients you like and there are thousands of smoothie recipes online, but this is my go to.


80g frozen raspberries
80g frozen pitted cherries
1 medium banana
100g plain non-fat Greek yoghurt
1 tablespoon of ground flax or chia seeds
Tiny amount of water to loosen the smoothie up.
25g nutty granola – I’m currently using Jordans but also really like Nature Valley granola

NOTE: I like my smoothie to be thick so that I can eat it with a spoon, so I don’t add much additional liquid.


1) Place the frozen ingredients in the cup first
2) Then add the banana, in chunks
3)Top with the flax/seeds
4) Spoon in the yoghurt
5) Pour in a small amount of water straight from the tap or bottle

6) Turn the machine on and blend to your preferred consistency
7) Sprinkle on your granola and enjoy!


What’s your favourite smoothie combination?