A little goes a long way

Happy Tuesday everyone! The weather has been amazing fur the past few days here in the North of England, and we made the most of it this weekend with several trips to the park! Just being outside and on my feet has certainly helped to get me feeling a bit more sprightly!

Please forgive my very British into to today’s post – we love to talk weather!

Back to health and fitness…I haven’t run since the Manchester 10k, but my body and my mind are certainly missing the miles, so last night I got back out there and did just over 3 1/2 kilometres. My average pace was 5:52 p/k so as a warm-up I’m happy with that.


I’ll be trying to up my mileage towards the end of the year, and will try to get in some more lunchtime or after-work runs. Not only will this help towards cutting my 10k time at Salford, but running for acts as a meditation, and I find that my head is much quieter after a run.

I even did a few squats and deadlifts after my run whilst cooking dinner (savoy cabbage, tenderstem broccoli, soy beans, smoked bacon, pasta and Boursin) to add some strength to my workout.

Running tights and Nikes

^^ Looking all coordinated in my Gap tights and Nike trainers.

I’ve realised that snacking has been my worst enemy lately, so I’ve started a food journal again. Seeing just how much I’m mindlessly grazing on during the day has certainly helped to get my snaking under control and choose whole foods rather than sweets or crisps.

Food Prep
My husband is also trying to eat a bit better, so we’ve started to prepare fruit at the beginning of each week and have invested in some portion-size Tupperware so that we can take healthy fuss-free snacks to work. This week it’s all about pineapple and melon!

What’s your go-to healthy snack, or are you satisfied with fewer larger meals?

Monday Runday (and meat – free dinners)


So, my Zumba classes on a Monday were cancelled which made me sad, but then I realised that instead I could use that time for my long run!

And, a guilt free long run at that. During the week I like to spend as much time as I can with the toddler after work, as well as at the weekend. It’s my “mum guilt” for having a full time job and sending the toddler to nursery/nana’s throughout the week (which she loves, I just wish it wasn’t for so long). So during the months when it’s dark by her bed time at 7pm, I never want to go out running. That same mum guilt also makes me feel like I’m neglecting the toddler and husband if I spend time away from them at the weekend.


Now that it stays light well past 8pm, I don’t feel guilty about dedicating two nights a week to getting in a long workout. So henceforth Monday will be Runday and Thursday will be Zumba night💃 (dancing emoji).

Tonight I ran 9.2km in 51 minutes which I’m very happy with considering my lack of training over the past few weeks. It was a lovely route along the canal, with lots of ducklings in the water and a newly covered path which made running nice and smooth!

I followed the run with a meat-free Monday dinner of vegetable satay stir-fry with courgette noodles.


Red and yellow peppers, carrots, frozen soy beans, sugar snap peas and courgette in a nutty spicy sauce, delicious! 

I’ll be back on track with my posts this week so stay tuned for some eats of the week!

Friday Round-Up: Game Changer…

You guys, this morning I added half an avocado into my normal smoothie recipe and it was a game changer!  So smooth and velvety and helped to create a much creamier taste. I also feel fuller! It’s definitely something I’ll be adding regularly.

Smoothie Bowl

Last night I ran 9.1km in 55 mins, and considering I only started running properly again 2 weeks ago, I’m happy with the time. I’m now going to concentrate on building stamina through long runs and strength/speed through HIIT and leg work, so that hopefully come June I can run a sub-56 10-km in Manchester. Then I’ll be looking to go sub-54 at Salford in September.


It was my birthday this week, so I’ve been gorging on chocolate and sweet treats, and over indulgent meals. I also have a big girls night out planned on Saturday, so I’m not feeling my healthiest, but I am feeling happy with life outside of my 9-5. Work sucks!

The stress and anxiety has definitely had a negative affect on my exercise and health, but I do have a job interview on Monday for something I could get really passionate about! The only downside is its part-time, and I need full-time hours, but I’m looking into supplementing the job with freelance work if I get it! I’ll keep you updated.

Happy weekend everyone!

A week of sweats!

So, I missed my Friday Round-Up last week, sorry! Life is hectic right now with a flurry of Spring birthday parties (mainly 3 year olds) ups and downs at work and trying to get more involved in my local community, so I haven’t blogged in a while!

I’ve just done a 7km run so thought I’d share this week’s exercise with you all!

30th March = 5km
31st March = Zumba
2nd April = Some at – home weights with 2kg dumbbells and 4kg kettlebell
4th April = Zumba
5th April = TIU Beach Babe’s arms and 1/2 legs (about 20 mins)
6th April = 7km

So much more exercise than I’ve been doing the past few months, and I’ve signed up for the We Love Manchester 10k in July and I’d really like to do a 54min 10k or quicker, so I’m working on stamina and strength whilst also having dun with Zumba.

2016 will be the year my New Years fitness regime started in April! But as they say, you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! 


Running Playlist

I haven’t had a decent run in FOREVER but I’m itching to get out on the road and just run! No Garmin, no target speed, just running for the pure enjoyment of it.

I even brought my running kit to work today but it rained the whole day, and I didn’t fancy sitting in the office drenched through all afternoon!

To help motivate me, and on the back of my favourite Zumba songs from earlier this week, I thought I would put together a little running playlist that I’ll use next time I lace up my trainers and strap on my sports braJ

  • Downtown – Macklemore
  • Lane Boy – Twenty One Pilots
  • Overdrive – Gecko
  • Higher – Sigma ft. Labrinth
  • Sorry – Justin Bieber
  • Heart on Fire – Lennon & Maisy Stella (from Nashville season 3 soundtrack)
  • Bang My Head – David Guetta ft. Sia & Fetty Wap
  • Footloose – Kenny Loggins
  • Waiting All Night – Rudimental
  • Shine – Years & Years

There you have it, my top ten tracks of the moment for running. It’s a mixture of upbeat, empowering, tempo and some more relaxed tunes that keeps you guessing and makes for an interesting run!

What are your favourite running songs or workout songs?

New routes

Don’t fear change, embrace it.
-Anthony J. D’Angelo

My work has recently relocated to Ilkley, West Yorkshire, and whilst this is a good thing for the business (better access to public transport, nearer to larger cities, better office facilities), it’s rubbish for me as I now have an extra 20 minutes each way on my journey and I no longer have access to a gym on my lunch hour!

At first I was a real Debbie Downer over the move, and there are some aspects I’m still really sad about, mostly that I am no longer home in time to pick the toddler up from nursery so lose time with her in the morning and evening.

But I’ve decided to embrace the change, it was going to happen anyway after all.

So what am I doing?

I’ve decided that I’ll run outside at least twice a week – I just need to keep an eye on the weather forecast and try to aim for days with no rain.






Next year (when I get my new holiday allowance) I’m going to take off at least one day every 6 weeks to spend some quality girl time with the toddler.
I’ve downloaded some new songs and some classics for my commute – it’s amazing how much music can make your mood!

Training Update
There’s less than two weeks to the Leeds Abbey Dash 10km and I haven’t done much training so far, but this week I’ve run twice already. Due to time limitations on my lunch hour I’ve only managed just over 3.5km each day, but my pace is around 8:44 per mile, which I’m happy with. Today I ran my quickest km ever, 4 min 53 seconds!

How do you embrace change?

Back in training

There’s no such thing as a bad run

Once you’ve finished! But 80% of the time during my treadmill runs, I hate them! All I can do is look at my distance, look at the time, look at my distance, look at my time in a never ending cycle of self-punishment. You decide to look ahead, or switch songs on your phone, thinking that a couple of minutes must have passed, but then you look again and it’s only been 23 seconds!

Treadmill running quote

So why do I run? Because after I’ve finished, I feel invincible. And on those days where I get to run outside or I’m just really feeling it, even being on a treadmill knowing I have 18 minutes left of a 20 minute run feels great!

And so I’m back in training! I’ve signed up for the Leeds Abbey Dash on November 15th, a 10km that boasts a flat fast course so I’m hoping to PR again, and get under 54:30.

I’m also contemplating signing up for a marathon next year. I’m 50/50 at the moment, as I’d really like to run a marathon before I’m 30 (April 2018) but working full time means that I have limited treasured time with my little girl when I’m not at work and she isn’t in bed. It would need to be a late summer race so that I could get in some hours on an evening after she’s asleep and before it gets dark, I’ll keep you posted!

bacon, egg, spinach, potatoesToday’s lunch was leftovers from last night. Boiled eggs, baby spinach, smoked bacon and some new potatoes. The picture is from a search on Google Images as I was too greedy to take a picture:-)



Are you working towards any fitness goals?