Daily Menu and Exercise Catch-Up

So I didn’t post my daily menu and exercise plan from Wednesday because I posted the griddled halloumi salad, so here is yesterdays and todays.


Wednesday menu:

Breakfast = Apple

Lunch = cous cous, peas, sweetcorn and a small tin of tuna in brine

Snack = white chocolate Kit Kat (ooops)

Dinner = Chicken breast with halloumi, asparagus and salad

Wednesday Exercise  = 15 minutes treadmill, 15 minutes toning


Thursday menu:

Breakfast = Apple

Lunch = tuna salad with boiled egg

Dinner = asparagus wrapped in parma ham with cous cous

Thursday Exercise = 30 minutes treadmill


That’s all for today folks


Pre-Holiday Slim Down

OK, so I may have left it a bit late to get the bikini body I am looking for. There are just 26 days left until I jet off to Portugal for sun, sea, sand and pure relaxation, which means just 26 days left to de-bloat and try to tone up a little.

So here are my weight-loss aims for my holiday to Portugal:

  1. Reduce my wobbly belly
  2. Tone my arms
  3. Tone my legs

Now I don’t think these three aims are too hard, I am not asking for miracles, just to be able to notice a difference when I step onto the beach.

So, how am I going to achieve my aims? Here’s the plan.


  • At least 30 minutes of exercise a day, even when I don’t go to the gym and it is raining outside. That means NO excuses. That means EVERYDAY.
  • At the gym, I am going to focus on cardio (treadmill and bike) followed by free-weights for my triceps and then lunges/squats for my legs.
  • At home, I have downloaded several cool apps onto my new Google Nexus 7 tablet including daily workout, YOGA trainer and daily arm exercises.


  • No carbonated drinks unless it is sparkling water
  • No heavy carbs on an evening (potatoes, bread, pasta) unless I have had a very light lunch and breakfast
  • More fruit and vegetables in my daily diet – something at each meal
  • Post daily menus on my blog – hopefully this will help me to keep track, and now that I have the WordPress app on my tablet, there is no excuse!
  • Limit my alcohol intake (I can’t cut it out, and I don’t want to!) and stick with gin and slim line tonic or martini and sparkling water
  • Don’t go mad in the first week by cutting out whole food groups, stay realistic and if I have a treat, make up for it at the gym

So that’s the plan. Hopefully in just under 4 weeks I will have dropped half a stone or so, toned up and feel less wobbly!

Today’s Menu

Breakfast = apple and water

Snack = Breakfast Bar

Lunch = Ham and salad (no mayo/salad cream) and corn chips

Dinner = Homemade Garlic Bread with spinach, asparagus and parma ham (no cheese or tomato)

Do you have any tips for a quick pre-holiday slim down?


Weekly Food Diary 17th October-21st October

Breakfast, snack (if having one), lunch, snack (if having one), tea

Monday: Apple and Raspberry Muesli, fruit, hummus and sticks, spicy chicken salad

Tuesday: Apple and Raspberry muesli, fruit, hummus and sticks, tuna and egg and new potato salad

Wednesday: Apple and Raspberry muesli, fruit, crackers with turkey and cucumber, chicken with roast sweet potato

Thursday: Apple and Raspberry muesli, fruit, crackers with turkey and cucumber, chorizo paella

Friday: Apple and Raspberry muesli, fruit, leftover paella, ?

I don’t plan for the weekends because we often end up doing something that means I can’t have my planned meal, so I will update after the week has finished.