Sometimes life gets in the way of weight loss!

Hi all,

Sorry for the SERIOUS lack of posts recently, as the title of this post says, sometimes life gets in the way of weight loss, or at least in the way of weight loss blogging! We are in the midst of a HUGE house rennovation project which is two years in the making – damp proofing, new floors and ceilings and a whole lotta painting. And this teamed with a busy time at work in the run up to Christmas and the start of a new Diploma means I have had little time to think about the 21lb challenge.

HOWEVER…all this house work isn’t a bad thing, and you can burn some serious calories just by doing jobs around the house like hoovering and painting.

I promise that I will now get back to blogging more regularly and I wanted to share these miracle-workers with you, La Senza bodyshaper shorts which stretch right up to the rib cage and cover the thighs (which is great if you ever experience chafing when you have bare legs) to create a streamlined look. I tried these under tight dresses and they gave great shape, creating a waist where I am normally a barrel:-/

If you want to feel a bit smoother for the impending Christmas parties I would definitely recommend them!

)NB. Opinions about La Senza bodyshaper are my own and I have no affiliation with La Senza)


What a weekend!

So this weekend ended up being a bit mad and I am glad I have stopped trying to plan meals for the weekend – because I never know where I am going to be or what we will be doing!

Friday night started with a little sleep on my sofa with the hubby after work before we ordered Chinese food and had a glass of wine with soda at a local pub. I chose Chicken chow mein with crispy noodles which was very yummy but too much, so I left some! (Before I would have carried on eating to the point of feeling sick but I recognised that I was full and put my fork down!)

Saturday started doing some housework then I headed into town for a coffee with my mum and a bit of shopping. I purchased some brilliant boots from New Look which are on my feet as I speak. At least you don’t put weight on your feet – you can always find a pair of shoes to fit!

I then headed out to watch the local football team with a friend before heading to the pub with said friend, hubby and football team! A planned couple of drinks turned into a night on the town with a group of friends and waaaaaay tooooo many Gin and Tonics! I caved in and headed to a take-away for garlic bread with cheese and chicken nuggets:-)

Sunday was then spent watching a brilliant game of football and the mighty Man City won, wahoo! Just 2 bottles of raspberry flavoured Kopperberg this time and some M&S spinach pasta for tea.

What a weekend! I had planned to stay in and do some DIY!

Oh well, there’s always next weekend xoxo

A sense of calm and a new beginning

This morning I experienced a total moment of calm when I realised that I shouldn’t set myself up on another fad diet which is doomed to fail, I should choose balance and health and enjoyment which is more realistic for the future.

So there will be no more mention of no-carb diets and detoxing, of obsession with calorie counting or how many beads of sweat I expire at the gym.

Instead, I will be sharing with you my new healthy, happy lifestyle – still with healthy recipes and fun exercise options – but without the threat of a December 9th deadline or a party dress that I HAVE to fit into – if the dress don’t fit, I’ll buy another!

So, my new target is to get to a healthy weight AND STAY THERE between 10st and 10st 5lb. I want to do this for the rest of my life (unless I have a baby when I plan on putting on a few lbs!) and will try to get more fresh air, cook fresh food and enjoy life with the hubby, my family and friends, without worrying about the scales every week!

And now as well as sharing with you my dieting stories I will also be sharing other aspects of my life including home renovations, travel and exciting things that happen around me!

I hope you stick with me on my (I know I shouldn’t say it but I’m gunna…) JOURNEY!