Yesterday you said tomorrow

For the past few weeks in the Friday round up, I’ve spoken about how I’ve let my habits slip back into unhealthy territory, and the pressure I’ve been feeling from a busy life that has lead to the lack of focus.

Well today I’m recommitting to being healthy, they’ll be no more excuses and 100% accountability. That doesn’t mean that I’ll talk badly to myself if I make a mistake, or let negative thoughts outweigh the positive, but I will be honest and recognise when I’m not trying hard enough or am falling back into bad habits.

Some one has said

It’s the start that stops most people

And sometimes it’s starting again can be scariest of all, when you know how good it feels to be active regularly and nourish your body with whole foods, but you’ve let yourself go for the easy option of sitting on the sofa each night and eating an entire bar of chocolate when you should have settled for a couple of pieces.

So, as of today, I weight 161lb – that’s right, I’ve gained back 6lb that I fought hard to lose late last year.

Weight Loss Goals
My aim is to lose those 6lb and an extra 1lb, to take me to 154lb by the end of August. That’s 7 lb in 8 weeks and should be achievable.
Non-scale goals
More importantly than the number on the scale though, I have a friends’ wedding on August 21st and would like to feel confident in whatever I wear.
I’d like to go through the rest of the summer confident in wearing sleeveless tops (the one area of my body I’m really uncomfortable with)I’d like to get some energy back by exercising more, and consequentially sleep better each night

This is my re-committment to myself and I’m exited to share the part of the journey with you!

A Bit of Monday Inspiration!

Be the change you wish to see – Ghandi








It’s very easy to make up excuses as to why your progress is slower than you would like, has plateaued or has reversed, but often it is because we have gone back to bad habits or we have settled at a place that we aren’t truly happy at.

It’s very easy to lose an amount of weight (1 stone in my case) and think, that’s a great achievement, now I’m going to treat myself and ease up on my workouts because I’ve done so well!

It’s very easy to become disappointed in yourself for not reaching a ‘goal’ you may have set for yourself such as hitting a certain number on the scale or fitting into a dress you have hanging in your closet.

But it’s really hard to wake up every morning and be unhappy, to go through each day wishing that you were still moving forward and then sabotaging yourself by eating unhealthily and sitting on your sofa watching TV and snacking.

So today, I’m committing to making the change I need to see the results I want. Yes, last year I lost a good amount of weight and most of my clothes fit much better. But I still have that dress hanging in the closet that is still a bit small. I still don’t have the confidence to put on a two piece this summer. I still don’t like wearing clothes that reveal the tops of my arms, and I still don’t feel happy with my body or fitness level.

So today, I’m committing to these promises…

I will eat mindfully, choosing nutritious food and making tasty, satisfying meals that will make my body and mind feel good.

I will move more, running, stretching, Zumba, kettlebells and anything else that feels good.

I will celebrate the positive impact that being healthy has, and I won’t make excuses for my own actions when I sabotage myself.

These are my promises, and today is the day that I make the changes I want to see in myself.



Be Patient

When you begin a diet, weight loss journey, healthy lifestyle, whatever you want to call it, one of the biggest reasons we don’t last long is because we don’t see results quickly enough. You have worked hard for a week, why hasn’t your muffin top disappeared and why do you still have bingo wings I say to myself. But the hard truth is that it takes a little while before you will see any physical changes of a weight loss journey – if you are doing it the sensible way (no crash diets or extreme treatments)

So here is what you should aim for:

4 weeks – YOU can start to see the changes in your body (things look slimmer/more toned/less wobbly)

8 weeks – YOUR FRIENDS will start to notice the changes

12 weeks – THE REST OF THE WORLD will recognize the results of all your hard work

So don’t give up after 1 or 2 weeks. After 4 weeks you will feel more inspired to carry on as you see the positive effects all of the healthy food and exercise is having on your body. Compliments from friends and family will spur you on after 8 weeks, and then at 12 weeks, you will never want to quit because everyone will appreciate your banging body, most importantly YOU!


Anyone follow any Fitblrs?

I like to look around the internet for inspiration when I am trying to lose weight, and recently I have found several Tumblrs related to fitness, known as Fitblrs.

Now, these personal fitblrs need to be taken with a pinch of salt; many of them contain dubious information regarding certain weight loss claims, and I have found a few that promote thinness to the extreme, but the majority are all celebrating strong, fit, healthy bodies!

They contain pictures of recipe ideas, fun and different exercises and also pictures of people’s BEFORE/AFTER photos (which expired my last blog, the latest progress picture)

Here are some of the Fitblrs I am following:






fitness treats

How do you stay motivated during your weight loss/healthy living journey?


Thursday Afternoon Inspiration

Seeing pictures of hot bodies is sometimes all it takes to get back some motivation that has been missing.

Take this afternoon for example. It is 4pm and I have been procrastinating for the last couple of hours at work because it is a slow day. I am also hungry even though I have just had some crisps. Then I naughtily think to myself, “I won’t bother going to the gym tonight, I will just go straight home, cook tea and sit on the sofa”All the while knowing that I can’t go to the gym tomorrow or Sunday because I will be busy. Then, I click on a news story about Lauren Goodger from The Only Way is Essex showing off her newly flatter stomach after a grueling few weeks of dieting. It’s like someone has flicked a switch in my brain and suddenly I tell myself off and confirm that I WILL be going to the gym today.

Isn’t it funny how a simple picture can really give you the motivation to carry on with a weight loss regime?

And so as a Thursday afternoon treat for you all I present to you A Nice Little, a tumblr blog from The Londoner which simply put, will make you a wee bit jealous and spur you on in your healthy weight loss journey!

Enjoy the viewing xoxo

Setting Targets

Most of you who have been on a weight loss journey will know how important setting realistic targets are, and how disappointing it can be when we reach a date and have not met a target.

The target might be to reach a certain weight by a set date, to complete an activity you couldn’t before or to fit into a piece of clothing that has been too small for too long.

Well I have several targets to look towards over the next few months and I want to share them with you!

1. 25th March / Sport Relief Mile (6 mile) / To run the 6 mile in under 1 hour

2. 13th April / My Birthday:-) / To fit into a dress with short/strappy sleeves or wear a shorter skirt and look/feel banging!

3. 4th-7th May / Bank Holiday Weekend / To wear a strappy top or shorts at the Example concert and then a STUNNING dress on Sunday

4. 6th-9th July / Centerparcs Weekend / To look sexy as hell in a bikini at Centerparcs, especially as we are there for my VERY  judgemental Auntie’s birthday

So these are my targets. They aren’t too difficult to reach and a lot of the success will come from how confident I feel. I have not focused on reaching a certain weight, rather on how confident and comfortable I feel in clothes that I would not wear at the moment due to insecurities about my bingo wings and thighs:-(

Anyone else set themselves small achievable targets in the journey to your healthy weight?