So Far, So Good

I re-committed to the 80/20 lifestyle on Monday and so far it’s going well.

I did 20 minute HIIT workouts on Monday and Tuesday and then tonight I ran 7km. It’s all about building stamina and toning up!

I’ve got a 10k race in early July and I’m aiming for 55 minutes – it’s the we love Manchester 10k. Gotta make sure my legs are strong!

Take a look at the beautiful scenery along the canal route I ran tonight…



As for food, I’m probably still at 70/30 but I have made some really delicious meals.

1) baked cod with hassleback potatoes and garden peas with roule – so good!

2) baked chicken marinated in herbs and evoo with a salad of spiralized courgette, carrot and apple – total game changer!

3) more baked chicken (this time in thin sterips and nice and crispy) with a salad of carrot ribbons, cucumber, red cabbage and wait for it…orange segments. SOOO good, juicy and interesting – better than your average salad!

The salads are lovely on a night when the meat is still warm and just as good the next day for a portable lunch at the office!

Having said that, I’ve also had chocolate each day this week, so I need to work on that! I’m trying to find a healthier alternative that will still get rid of cravings.

What’s your favourite guilt-free “treat”?

Monday moments

It’s Monday, and I forgot to do both a Friday Round-Up and a Saturday Summary! #sorryguys

I’ve just done a 30 minute plyometric HIIT workout focusing on legs, and my right knee is a little niggly. Hopefully a good stretch will get rid of it.


I bought the pink geo version of the Panache sports bra as my old one had lost half of the underwire:(


It’s a nice design which is hard to find at a 36G (UK size) and offers good support.

Tonight I made dinner out of roast veg (carrots, Brussels sprouts, broccoli tips, new potatoes, peppers) with a boiled egg, bagel thin and some allioli.


Here’s a “ooof why does the floor make so much noise during jump squats” face…


Happy Monday everyone xoxo

Ouch my abs!

So far I’ve only managed 2/5 mornings doing my workout challenge, womp womp:?

So tonight I also did the cardio15 and abs15 sections of Davina ‘ 15 minute fit, and man, my abs or on fire!

I can definitely tell I haven’t done much exercise on my stomach in a while, and I felt every second of planking and crunching.


I followed it up with chicken breast with a layer of boursin,  wrapped in parma ham, and roasted in the oven with some potatoes and sugar snap peas, it was delicious!


Tomorrow I’ll do the abs workout!