Review: Sportswear – favourite pieces of sports clothing

I’m a bit of a floozy (don’t you just love that word) when it comes to sportswear, I’ll try pretty much any brand and love it when I can recommend a brand based on experience.

My ‘sports draw’ has all sorts of brands in from Asics (my favourite trainer) to Nike, Adidas, and some non-traditional fitness brands like Gap, H&M, and Mango.


The fact that ‘Athleisure-wear’ is no trendy means that many high street retailers are expanding their lines into sportswear, with mixed degrees of success.

Here’s some of my favourite items, and why I love them!

Asics Gel-Nimbus 16 – this is a pretty pricey trainer but when you’re running 10+ miles a week you want to make sure that your trainers are right for you. I tried on soooo many pairs of trainers before choosing the Nimbus, including Adidas (too narrow) and Nike (just felt weird). The Asics offer really good support and although they may not be the prettiest trainers, they come in loads of bright colours!

Asics gel Nimbus

GapFit gFast reflective fleece leggings – I scored this pair of leggings during the Black Friday sales (thank you for the import of this great sale America!) and they have to be the softest trousers I’ve ever owned. The fleece inside is soft without being too over-heating, and the high waist features a draw cord which is a must if you don’t like having to adjust whilst you’re exercising. The trousers feature a line of small reflective squares down the outside of both legs, ideal for running in the darker months.

Gap Fit Leggings

Mountain Warehouse running trousers – another for the cold weather, I never thought of Mountain warehouse as a sports brand, and truth be told, their range isn’t the biggest, but these trousers are so good I have two pairs! Warm, comfortable, draw cord, practical, they won’t be winning any style awards but for practicality you can’t beat them!

Mountain Warehouse Running Trousers

H&M long sleeve top – Another great find, H&M are really stepping up their game when it comes to sportswear, mixing function with fashion really well. I bought this long sleeve top ages ago, and wear it at least once a week for outside runs or some gentle stretching.

HM long sleeve top

Garmin 10 Running Watch – OK so it isn’t really clothing, but I love my Garmin! I used to use map My Run on my phone but it was just too buggy and I couldn’t find any other running apps that worked well. This watch is really easy to use and comes in loads of colours (I’ve got the purple one). I use it to keep pace, time and distance and then connect it with My Fitness Pal. The only issue is that it can be slow to find my location initially, but I use hat time to sort out my music/headphones/keys etc.

Garmin Forerunner 10

These are some of my favourite sportswear brands, I also have a drawer full of t-shirts from Nike, SweatShop, Next etc. that I use for my workouts but don’t really have a favourite. Next on my list to buy is a long vest with narrow arm holes (I don’t want my bra on show) that I can wear to Zumba, so that when I’m grooving and shaking it doesn’t ride up, anyone know where I can get one?

What are your favourite brands for working out in?

Friday Round Up – Food Overload!

I’ve gone from taking no pictures to taking ALL the pictures! I’ve been enjoying some delicious food recently, some healthy, some not so healthy, so here’s a Friday Round Up of some of my recent meals…

I had the night to myself last Friday so enjoyed some of the Marks and Spencer Taste of Thailand and Taste of Vietnam range. The sweetcorn fritters and chicken satay skewers were so delicious, I had them again on Sunday!

All that whilst watching The Mindy Project, enjoying a glass of chilled Chablis and some scented candles, what a treat!

Thai, wine and candles M&S Taste of Vietnam/Thailand Wine, candles and the Mindy Project


Now that its getting colder I’ve moved away from smoothie bowls and instead I’ve been enjoying yoghurt with granola and berries. My favourite yoghurt of the moment is Arla Skyr in Stawberry flavour and I’ve discovered Fuel 10k chocolate granola. The breakfast is high in protein and has been keeping me fuller for longer than normal breakfasts.

Yoghurt, granola and berries

I was dreading my lunch on Thursday, roast brussels sprouts and cauliflower left over from Wednesday’s tea with mixed grain rice and Boursin. I thought it was going to be boring and leave me feeling hungry, but it was surprisingly delicious and filling!

Wild grains, roast veg and boursin Wild grains, roast veg and boursin

And below is a picture of my Garmin after Wednesday’s run. It’s getting really dark now, so I’m pulling out my high-vis vest and thermal running leggings.

Garmin Forerunner 10

Are you looking forward to running in the winter months?
Have a great weekend!

Running Inspiration and a quick training update

 If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon. – Kathrine Switzer

Whilst looking for motivational running quotes I came across the story of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to enter the Boston Marathon in 1967 who then campaigned to get the Women’s marathon into the Olympic Games.

If you don’t know about her story, there’s a short video on YouTube (embedded below).

I’ve never thought about the struggle for women to officially enter running races before, and having entered several races int he past few years, have never encountered any animosity from men, women or race officials. In the Western World at least, the running community is one of kinmanship, hey, we all must be as crazy as each other if we actually LIKE running!

Kathrine’s story reminds me that it’s important to remember the history and struggle encountered by generations of women to take part in everyday activities that we now consider a right, and don’t think twice about. It’s also encouraged me to research more about how other parts of the world treat female athletes, and barriers women are facing to partake in activities we take for granted.

On a quick training update…

As you know, I’m taking part in the City of Salford 10km in early September and I’m hoping to beat my previous time. I’ve been sticking with my lunchtime runs at the Gym, and last night ran 7km in 40 mins.

Garmin 7km run