Friday Round Up – Warm weather running

The sun has got it’s hat on, hip hip hip hooray, the sun has got it’s hat on and it’s coming out to play!

So I’m well and truly back on the exercise bike (figuratively and literally) and have exercised everyday since Monday, without pushing myself too hard too fast. Last night I went to Zumba for the first time in years and forgot how much I enjoyed group exercise classes. I even ran to the fitness class, what?!?

And it hasn’t hurt that the weather has turned remarkably sunny, warm and all together happier, so I have been taking advantage of the canal paths near work for my lunchtime runs. I did however make a bad choice on Thursday night by wearing my winter running tights in 18 degree (Celcius) heat. My legs really didn’t enjoy being so warm.

Yesterday I also bought some new flared jeans to go with some summery tops I had also just bought (been on a bit of a shopping spree, but used the Next Outlet so saved loads of ¬£). AND they are a UK size 10 (US size 6)!!! I felt really good in them, my bum looked good and they weren’t too tight around the middle. I’m going to use them for some progress photos over the next few months, the first will be posted early next week!

Happy Friday everyone and have a good weekend

Setting Targets

Most of you who have been on a weight loss journey will know how important setting realistic targets are, and how disappointing it can be when we reach a date and have not met a target.

The target might be to reach a certain weight by a set date, to complete an activity you couldn’t before or to fit into a piece of clothing that has been too small for too long.

Well I have several targets to look towards over the next few months and I want to share them with you!

1. 25th March / Sport Relief Mile (6 mile) / To run the 6 mile in under 1 hour

2. 13th April / My Birthday:-) / To fit into a dress with short/strappy sleeves or wear a shorter skirt and look/feel banging!

3. 4th-7th May / Bank Holiday Weekend / To wear a strappy top or shorts at the Example concert and then a STUNNING dress on Sunday

4. 6th-9th July / Centerparcs Weekend / To look sexy as hell in a bikini at Centerparcs, especially as we are there for my VERY¬† judgemental Auntie’s birthday

So these are my targets. They aren’t too difficult to reach and a lot of the success will come from how confident I feel. I have not focused on reaching a certain weight, rather on how confident and comfortable I feel in clothes that I would not wear at the moment due to insecurities about my bingo wings and thighs:-(

Anyone else set themselves small achievable targets in the journey to your healthy weight?


Sometimes life gets in the way of weight loss!

Hi all,

Sorry for the SERIOUS lack of posts recently, as the title of this post says, sometimes life gets in the way of weight loss, or at least in the way of weight loss blogging! We are in the midst of a HUGE house rennovation project which is two years in the making – damp proofing, new floors and ceilings and a whole lotta painting. And this teamed with a busy time at work in the run up to Christmas and the start of a new Diploma means I have had little time to think about the 21lb challenge.

HOWEVER…all this house work isn’t a bad thing, and you can burn some serious calories just by doing jobs around the house like hoovering and painting.

I promise that I will now get back to blogging more regularly and I wanted to share these miracle-workers with you, La Senza bodyshaper shorts which stretch right up to the rib cage and cover the thighs (which is great if you ever experience chafing when you have bare legs) to create a streamlined look. I tried these under tight dresses and they gave great shape, creating a waist where I am normally a barrel:-/

If you want to feel a bit smoother for the impending Christmas parties I would definitely recommend them!

)NB. Opinions about La Senza bodyshaper are my own and I have no affiliation with La Senza)


A new week and a new me!

So it has been just over two weeks since I started the 21lb challenge and at my last weigh-in I had lost 3lb. A good start.

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and energetic, with hope that the next few weeks will be filled with healthy food, fun exercise and some MAJOR home renovations (we have a problem with damp which is two years in the making and now FINALLY getting sorted). Doesn’t making positive changes to your environment always make you want to change too?

With the hubby starting day shifts again (YEY!) it means that we can now sit down to structured and homely meals, which I will be editing for myself so that I don’t get all of the starchy carbs at dinner time.

This week’s dinner menu:

Monday: Chicken Fajitas (no wrap for me but extra salad)

Tuesday: Beef Casserole (extra veg, no potatoes)

Wednesday: Working late, quick salad for me, pizza for hubby

Thursday: Spicy chicken and sweet potato wedges

Friday: Date Night so who knows?

So you see, it is easy to ensure that you can adapt recipes to suit your new healthy lifestyle without leaving those you cook for feeling resentful or just plain hungry!

PS. I may also feel better because I treated myself to a new pair of boots, top and dress this weekend – they were all in the sale so I didn’t spend too much-but now I feel very smart and shopping happy:-)




Fashion Weeks and I want new clothes!

With New York fashion week just over and London fashion week just starting, I am in the mood for a shopping spree!

Normally I would rush out to the shops or take advantage of online discounts but this season I have decided to resist – for now.

As I start to lose weight and my body changes, I will suit different clothes and will be able to buy different sizes and styles.

So…I am going to treat myself to some pure R&R in late November/early December by taking the day off work and going shopping – I might even treat myself to a manicure or massage!

What’s on my hit list?

  • Black skinny trousers
  • A couple of stylish cable-knit jumpers in tan and another colour
  • A blouse to go with skinnies
  • A new pair of muted red suedette stiletto pumps (from New Look, I might have to buy these before my shopping trip!)
  • A pair of black shoe boots with a smallish heel
  • I have also seen a pair of tan mid-heel knee high boots but 3 pairs of new shoes/boots might be excessive!
  • A cape! I have seen a nice one in United Colours of Benetton
  • A tight black turtle neck to wear under sleeveless dresses

What’s on your shopping must-have list?