Eats of the Week, and September is here already and I can’t wait for Autumn Outside Runs!

That was a long post title wasn’t it? But it’s exactly how I’m feeling!

I said I would do an Eats of the Week in my last Friday Round Up, and so here it is.

I’ve been making my smoothie bowls for a while now, and they are such a great start to the day. I need to top up on flax or chia though to bulk them out a bit.


When I was pregnant I ate so much fresh fruit, especially pineapple as I read somewhere that it made labour easier (which I think is true as I had a quick and complications-free experience). I’ve gotten back into making a big batch of homemade fruit salad and then taking a portion to work with me each day.



I made an EPIC breakfast last weekend of homemade blueberry pancakes, strawberries with peanut butter, fried eggs and crispy smoked bacon, it was AMAZING!!!


I’ve also started upping my alcohol intake, which is something I need to keep my eye on. Here’s a pic of me enjoying a glass of Old Mout Cider (Kiwi and Lime flavour, yum!) whilst watching the World Champion Athletics in China. #GoMo!


I thought I had more pictures but never mind! I’ll be sure to snap some more pictures this week! xoxo

As Waterboy’s mum would say “Alcohol is the DEVIL!”



When it comes to losing weight, alcohol can be the difference between reaching your target or staying bloated, wobbly and unhappy with your body image. For me, I really struggle with choosing between having a couple of drinks on a Friday night and then having the motivation to get to the gym and eat healthily for the rest of the weekend.



Here is how alcohol affects my weight loss:

  1. Alcohol is basically just empty calories so I might have stuck to 1500 calories throughout the day, but come 9pm on a Friday night and that figure could be a good 1000 calories bigger just from a few glasses of wine!
  2. Alcohol makes me hungry – after a few glasses of cider I have hunger pangs. This is a mix of dehydration and the munchies. I reach for whatever I can find in the fridge or end the night in the local pizza takeaway with a full-sized garlic bread with cheese all to myself.
  3. Alcohol makes me incredibly hung over! I used to be able to party the night away, having multiple drinks throughout the night and wake up the next day feeling great. Now, I wake up with a headache, really tired and often feeling rather nauseous. Not only does this mean that I can’t get out of bed to go to the gym, I also tend to reach for the nearest fatty food like McDonalds and full-fat coke.

All in all, alcohol = epic fail when it comes to weight loss. But then we come to another problem…I don’t necessarily want to stop drinking alcohol. I like a gin & tonic, a glass of wine and a vintage cider when the mood takes me. I just don’t have that switch in my brain that tells me I have had enough and maybe now would be a good time to switch to water or soft drinks.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am not a raging alcoholic and only drink once or twice a week at the most, in fact, I can go for weeks at a time without a drop of alcohol passing my lips! I just need to find the right balance between letting my hair down and getting a hangover!


Well that wasn’t so bad…

Last night I went to the gym. This is the first time I have been to the gym in almost 2 months. I know I have been running a bit since then but I have not stepped foot on a treadmill, a bike or a weight machine since then.

So you can imaging my trepidation as a I pushed open the door to my new and unfamiliar gym, full of buff bodies and fitties not fatties, and plonked myself down on the bike, ready to feel the burn.

And do you know what? It wasn’t so bad. I was expecting to want to run for the hills after 5 minutes but after 10km on the bike I was then able to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes! I was happily shocked and celebrated with a spicy chicken salad (see I told you I really was going no carbs for tea last night!) and then a pear Bulmers cider. Oh wait…that wasn’t the best choice when following a healthy plan:-/

It’s weigh-in night tonight and I don’t expect to see much change – unless it goes up:-( But at least I know that I can get back in the gym and workout with the best of them to get this flab off!