Stir-fry to start the health kick!

So, the lack of exercise and unbalanced diet I’ve been eating has left me at 166lb! I haven’t been this heavy since early last year. I know that we shouldn’t let the scale define us, but the number is definitely a reflection of my lack of fitness.

So henceforth I’m putting myself on a health kick, re-focusing on what I’m eating, which will be mostly whole foods with the occasional goodie.

Here’s a picture of a homemade turkey stir-fry I made this week (turkey breast, vegetables and cauliflower rice with a sauce made from teriyaki sauce, soy sauce,  lime juice and fresh chili with a tablespoon of peanut butter)…so good!

Homemade turkey stir-fry (1) Homemade turkey stir-fry (2)

I’ll also be upping my exercise output to try and fit in at least 3 sweat sessions a week – 1 x zumba 2 x run and 1 x HIIT strength workout.

I’ll be running Salford 10k again in September and after last weekend’s slower than average race time I’m looking to shave off at least 5 minutes in the next 2 months. 4 workouts a week should be enough, though I’ll likely ad in an extra run later in August.

Holiday tone-up

I know, I know, I know that I shouldn’t need to tone up for my holiday because 1) our body doesn’t define us whether we’re wearing a bikini or not and 2) a healthy lifestyle should mean that you don’t need to make any drastic changes before you do away BUT… I’m still going to make an effort to feel more comfortable in my own skin by late September.  I also have an awesome new swimsuit and want to be able to feel confident playing with the toddler on the beach or by the pool all day!

Here’s a shot from this morning (July 15th) and I’ll post another every couple of weeks to track picture progress!

Figleaves Swimsuit1

Ignore the “just out of the shower” hair!

Happy Friday everyone!

Off The Wagon

Hey Guys! I have seriously fallen off the healthy wagon and onto a road of over-indulgence, gluttony and laziness!

For the past couple of weeks my exercise pattern has been sporadic (doing nothing for days and then a 10km run, followed by more days of nothing) and I haven’t practiced any self control or 80/20 with the food I’ve eaten.

Not only is this showing on the scale (164lb!!!) but I’m also feeling less body confident, I’m filling out my clothes more than I’d like to, and generally feel uncomfortable with my body.

So today, I’m getting back on the wagon, and will re-focus on what I’m eating, when I’m eating and introduce some more consistent exercise plans

To do this, I’m going to track more than normal. something that is always successful when I’ve done it in the past. BUT it’s important not to let tracking your intake and efforts too rigorously so that it becomes a dangerous habit. It’s like they say “don’t miss out on life to lose 5lb” – follow the 80/20 and make sensible decisions. That’s what I’ll be doing.

So here’s my meals and exercises planned for the next few days…

Monday: Chicken salad from M&S for lunch with fruit for dessert, small snack (TBC), chopped salad with boiled egg and fish sticks for dinner
Davina Cardio & Legs (30 mins)

Tuesday: Yoghurt and fruit with granola for breakfast, apple and cheese for snack, tuna salad for lunch, protein or kind bar for snack, grilled chicken with courgette, cabbage and orange salad
5-8 km run

Wednesday: Yoghurt and fruit with granola for breakfast, apple and cheese for snack, chicken and salad leftovers for lunch, protein or kind bar for snack, cauliflower ‘fried rice’ with chicken, beef, egg, peas and peppers for dinner
Davina Arms and Abs (30 minutes)

Thursday: Yoghurt and fruit with granola for breakfast, apple and cheese for snack, ‘fried rice’ leftovers for lunch, protein or kind bar for snack, vegetable stir-fry with spiralized courgette & carrots for dinner

Has anyone else fallen off track lately, and how do you re-focus?

Friday Round Up: Stuck in a rut

I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut (physically and mentally) for the past few months, and think it might be time for a big change. I’m thinking about 1) a new job or 2) some major interior renovations at home (ideally we’d like to move but our current house needs some major work to get it ready for the market).
And whilst these are longer-term changes, I’m starting to make some smaller changes now that I hope to help me get out of this little rut.

  1. Toddler time = no-tech time
    I try not to use my phone or tablet whilst I’m playing with the toddler, as I work full time so the hours/days we have together are precious. I’m also going to start limiting our TV time and do more crafting at home.
  2. Get Out!
    The weather in the UK (specifically North Yorkshire) has been rubbish.* We’ve had rain for weeks, cold temperatures and wind. It’s now looking like it will be a bit clearer for the next few days, so I’m going to make the most of it by getting out and about on walks and adventures!
    *UK weather isn’t really extreme, so apologies to everyone who really suffers from bad weather!
  3. Cut back on caffeine – the number of cups of coffee I drink whilst at work has been slowly rising and I can feel it making me anxious and jittery. I’m going to buy a high quality decaff alternative and some mint tea so I can switch up the hot drinks I have at work, reducing my caffeine intake.

This week I’ve managed three workouts so far (2 x Zumba sessions and 1 x lunchtime run) and whilst I don’t have any specific workouts planned for the weekend, its looking like its going to be very active with the toddler!

Look at the disco lights that we have on during Zumba…Such fun!
20160307_193147 20160307_193148 20160307_193144

This week a friend and I had girl’s night in with a healthy spread (just don’t tell anyone about the bottle of prosecco)!

Also – Joey the dog is my friend’s and he was super interested in the prosciutto-wrapped vegetables!

20160309_195943 20160309_195935

As mentioned, I’m trying to get back into running at work again, so I’m making sure that I have all of my gear with me in the office so there’s no excuse!

Also, this morning I weighed in at 160lb. This may not be fast weight loss but it’s achievable long-term #BOOM

Happy Friday everyone!
Have a great weekend xoxo

Friday Round-Up: 200 posts

This week I hit 200 posts on this little old blog, so I’m continuing the theme of last week’s round up of being grateful to everyone whose been following me for a while and the newbies!

I’m celebrating with  wine (of course) and curry. I’ve got chicken tikka, alloo gobi and a paratha.


The wine is a Gruner and it’s delicious!


We’ve also booked s family holiday to Ibiza in September! Whilst I don’t like the ‘bikini body’ philosophy  (did you see the Protein World fiasco) but a holiday when you spend 80% of the time in a swimsuit is good motivation to stick to the healthy eating and exercise!

I’ve done zumba twice this week and did a 3km run one lunch time. I’ll go for another run tomorrow too.

Weight today: 160.5lb

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday Round-Up – Feeling Grateful, and Cauliflower Rice.

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m feeling very grateful at the moment, grateful for my family and friends, for being in steady employment (and the recent raise, whoop!), for owning my own home and for my hubby and toddler especially! I’m also grateful for everyone who had liked a post on this blog or started following my posts. I’m definitely not the best example of a healthy lifestyle blog, as I fall off the wagon more times than not, but I hope that I represent a realistic account of what so many people go through when trying to get and stay fit/healthy/lose excess weight…

grateful2 Grateful

Anyway, enough of all that emotional stuff, here’s what I’ve been up to this week…
I had a very rare girls night out on Saturday with a meal at pizza Express (yum) and some prosecco/gin. I was very sensible and mixed my alcohol with water every other glass, and I think I danced off a lot of the booze! Apart from the dancing, I wasn’t all that active, so I squeezed in a 1 mile run on Monday, between putting the toddler to bed and then doing the ‘big’ food shop. Not much but a mile is a mile!

Zumba was my other workout so far this week, and I’ll try to squeeze in some Davin HIIT and another short run this weekend hopefully.

I’ve tried to stick to healthy eating for the most part this week, so I’ve been having balanced meals and lots of fruit for snacks. As the title of the post alludes to, I’m really digging cauliflower rice at the moment! This week I had cauliflower rice with garlic chili, baby spinach, smoked bacon and topped with an egg – so tasty!


It seems to be paying off as I’m down another 1lb this week to 161lb, wahoo!

What are your favourite weekend workouts, and have you tried cauliflower rice yet?

Friday round up: hello weekend

Ah Friday, hello old friend! I’m ready for this weekend, with a girls night out and nothing else planned! I’m even hoping for a lie-in on on Sunday

Tonight we’ve had a nice bottle of wine (Picpoul de Pinet) and some pulled pork with veg.


This morning I weighed in at 161lb whoop  whoop! All the e exercise and healthy eating is showing results, who would have thought?!?

Have a good at weekend everyone!


That was the number on the scale this morning, and that’s OK.

3lb heavier than I was the Monday before Christmas, but with a whole lot of memories to show for it.

I didn’t stick to my plan to be active as I had hoped I would, but with so many friends and family visits, I’m glad that I spent my time with them, rather than slogging it out at the gym or going running.

I also ate rather mindlessly, and am guilty of saying “I’ll start again in the New Year” rather than taking responsibility for my eating then and there. A few bottles of prosecco and Gin & Tonics might also have been consumed!

One of the reasons why I don’t feel too bad about this weight gain and my behavior over the past two weeks is because of this quote…

“What matters isn’t what you eat between Christmas and New Year, what matters is what you eat between New Year and Christmas”

Next year, I won’t be worried about eating more and moving less during the festive period, as I’ll have committed to a consistently healthy approach to eating and exercise throughout the rest of the year!

I’m going to start a monthly photo progress diary, so here’s my January photos.

January Photo Face On_cropped January Photo Side On_cropped







I’ll post photos at the beginning of each month to track how my body changes as I get back on track with eating a more balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Are you using photo diaries to track your progress?