Week on Wednesday (because I missed my round-up and summary from the weekend)

Blogger fail, I didn’t post a Friday Round-Up this week or a Saturday Summary, womp womp! Why, you ask? Because I was accepting a new job and handing in my notice, yipee!

If you’ve read any of my recent Friday Round-Ups, you’ll know that I have been growing increasingly dissatisfied with my current role. I’ll now be moving to a part time marketing manager role and setting up as a freelance marketing consultant! Exciting stuff!

What does that mean for my health? Well…
1) I’ll no longer be eating my feelings (mainly boredom & anger)
2) My mind will be clearer and I’ll have less stress and anxiety – remember folks, mental health is as important as physical health (if not more so)
3)I’ll be eating at home a lot more, so I’ll need to be really careful not to snack, and make sure I have lot’s of quick healthy lunch options

Since it has been a while since my last post, I’ve got loads to share!

I’ve been getting back into my running and did a 9.8km run last Thursday and then did hill sprints on Monday. I also squeezed in a couple of at-home body-weight circuits.

Garmin 10
When your Garmin battery dies 1km from home:-(
Running essentials
Water, Garmin, Head-torch
Hill Sprints
You can’t tell, but this is one hell of a steep hill! And it was only 2 degrees!
Hill Sprints
Motivational music was necessary with the hill sprints!

It is well and truly winter in Yorkshire – we’ve got snow today! I can’t remember snow this early for years!

Snow in November!
Snow in November!

This is going to make outdoor runs a bit trickier, but I’m prepared with a new head torch and I’ve brought the thermals back out of storage!

Running Safety
Safety first! Head torch and reflective vest for night running!
Winter running
Reflective trainers, thermal tights, reflective vest

Last week was total gluttony as we had two parties at work which involved sweets, junk food and krispy kremes!
I tried to balance it out with healthier main meals, but I’ll chalk it down as a bad week for balanced eating!

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate loaf cake with a slated caramel middle – OMG!
Cheesy Fries
Homemade cheesy fries with whote and sweet potatoes, Boursin and smoked bacon – all baked and no added salt or oil!
Cheesy Fries

Life Diary – Where did June go?

WOW, June absolutely flew by. We were busy pretty much every weekend and throughout the weeks with birthdays, concerts and events, so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while!

I have however been taking pictures, so thought I’d do a little June recap!

My sister did the Leeds Triathlon in June (so impressed and proud!) and we snagged lots of goodies from the CHIA Co. stand in the expo area.

They’ve brought out a new bread with Hovis that has chia seeds in it, so delicious and great as toast!

CHIA Co Leeds Triathlon

After watching Helen swim (1500m), cycle (42.5km) and run (10km) around Leeds we were ready for some lunch, and headed to The Botanist in Leeds. I had the salt and pepper crispy beef salad and it was soooo good!Salt and pepper beef salad

I haven’t done as much running as I would have liked (especially as it’s the We Love Manchester 10km on Sunday and I wanted to get a good time) but when I have hit the tracks, there’s been some beautiful views!

Sunset Canal Run Canal Run

We went to a comedy evening at a local festival (Grassington Festival for anyone living in the North of England) and saw Rob beckett, Shappi Khorsandi and Rich Hall with his Honky Tonk band. All the acts were really funny, and i enjoyed a very civilized glass of champagne during the evening.


I’m loving roast vegetables at the moment, and have been trying to have simple foods cooked well.

courgette, pineapple and chilli

Courgettes with pineapple and chilli flakes roasted in the oven (a mix of leftovers but surprisingly delicious) accompanied with M&S deli bits. 20160626_195516
Grilled Corn

Corn, grilled, sauteed, in salads, I LOVE corn! Here I sauteed it with chilli flakes and garlic herbs.

Steak with roast cauliflower, courgettes and potato wedges. 20160611_204612 Steak Allioli

Really easy to make, fairly quick and very satisfying! I like to dunk the veg in Allioli!


I can’t be good all the time though, and my treats have included:

Salted caramel Haagen-Daas


3 ingredient pancakes (eggs, bananas and spelt flour) with The Collective passion fruit yogurt and strawberries

Pancakes, yoghurt and strawberries

Chipotle pulled pork with (more) roast veg and two fried eggs !

Pulled port, roast vegetables and fried egg

I’ll try and get back into more regular posting!

Happy summer folks!

Saturday Summary: bubbles o’clock

We were at a wedding last night and the prosecco was flowing (and the wine and the gin)!


A quintessential English wedding with afternoon tea, including the lost delicious macaroons I’ve ever eaten!



This week has definitely been more 80:20 in favour of unhealthy food and very little exercise, and it’s not finished yet as we have a christening tomorrow too!

But training for the We Love Manchester 10k starts FOR REAL on Monday including a real focus on nutrition and some work on my speed including the dreaded hills!

Here’s a  shameless bathroom selfie!


Happy long weekend my UK and US lovelies!


Saturday Summary: Oops I did it again…

I forgot my Friday Round-Up again! So in penance, I’ve created the Saturday Summary category, for those times I miss the fr-u but hopefully it won’t be too regularly!

So here goes…

Whilst my exercise has been on point this past week, my eating has been more 60/40 than 80/20 in terms of balance vs excess.
I’m talking a plethora of vegetable crisps (not so healthy, who knew?), chocolate chip shortbread and M&S millionaires bites.

My tea tonight was a delicious spiralized courgette, shredded Brussels sprouts and fusilli lungho with chilli flakes, roule and topped with crispy parma ham – OMG Sublime!
If I remember, I’ll post a recipe soon!


You’re lucky you got this picture, I’d already dug in!

Accompanied by a fantastically crisp sancerre from M&S in a HUGE wine glass!


Not pictured – sone sweet butterkist popcorn and galaxy minstrels.

I bought new trainers for Zumba and they’re really comfortable and stylish. The adidas supercloud.



Sending big love to everyone xoxo