Review: Es Figueral, Ibiza

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Experiencing new places, new people and new cultures is one of life’s greatest privileges. Anyone who is lucky enough to travel should. Whether it’s to the next village, another city, another country or another continent.

Here’s my review of our family holiday to Ibiza. (Two grown-ups and a 3 year old)

Invisa Es Figueral Invisa Es Figueral

We headed to Es Figueral in Ibiza, a tiny resort towards the North of the Island, near Es Cana and Santa Eulalia. There’s not much to do in the village (it was smaller than I expected based on reviews I’d read) but it was lovely.

Invisa Es Figueral

We stayed at the Invisa Figueral resort, which is made up of two hotels (Calla Blanca and Calla Verde) and we stayed in Calla Blanca. Hotels isn’t really the right word to explain, as the resort was made up of several smaller buildings dotted around the magnificent gardens, with 10-20 apartments in each building. This gave the resort a much less ‘package’ feel and nowhere was ever too busy.

Es Figueral

There are 8 pools spread around the resort, some adults, some kids and a massive pirate ship pool that was great for the older children. There was also an indoor pool which never got busy, perfect for the mornings when the sun had yet to burn away the clouds.

We pretty much spent 80% of our time in the water, and they were toy friendly which was great!

Es Figueral
The view from the children’s playground

The resort is right on the beach, and Playa Es Figueral is one of the nicest beaches in Europe. Perfect for snorkeling, and there was pedalos, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards available to hire.

Es Figueral

The Food!!! Oh my word the food! We stayed all inclusive, which we haven’t done before, and I was super impressed. the main restaurant was open pretty much all day with the main sittings for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner wit snacks in between. There was a kids corner which the toddler loved. For the grown-ups, each day was different and some nights were themed. The food was all fresh, plentiful and the restaurant was really clean. The desert buffet was amazing! There were some really healthy options and some not so healthy, just what holidays are about! I am not ashamed to admit that I had churros with molten chocolate sauce with nearly every breakfast!

I didn’t manage to take many pictures of the food, because I didn’t want to look like one of those wankers who takes pictures of their food:-) Here’s a couple I secretly snapped!

Invisa Es Figueral Invisa Es Figueral

Top Tip: If you’re visiting Es Figueral, or any part of Ibiza, I would recommend hiring a car. There are loads of beautiful beaches and charming villages and towns all within 30 minutes. We didn’t hire one, but we did get the miniature train from Es Figueral to the Es Cana Hippy market which was fun.

We booked with Jet2 Holidays via their website, it was a simple process and I would definitely recommend Jet2 package holidays to anyone looking for a getaway with their family. We paid for the trip ourselves, I don’t have that many followers that I get paid for content, yet;-)

The link to our hotel is here:

All in all, a brilliant week in Ibiza!


Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival

So, the countdown to my holiday took an almighty break this weekend as I attended the Yorkshire Food Festival and indulged in all sorts of delicious food & drink, as well as getting a masterclass from some famous chefs!

We watched James Martin in a live cookery demo making mushroom pasta, mackerel with pickled vegetables and then an apple charlotte. The day before, The Hairy Bikers had done a live demo but I didn’t get to see them unfortunately.

James Martin

James Martin

There were so many food trucks and stalls giving away samples and selling their produce, and myself and a friend ended up spending too much money on various dips, spreads and sweet things! All washed down with far too many glasses of prosecco, I was tipsy by 3pm!

So here’s a rundown of what we enjoyed the most…

The Doughnut Guy

The Doughnut Guy

Freshly made doughnuts from Newcastle-based “The Doughnut Guy”. You could choose from a range of sauces and toppings. I went with slated caramel sauce and pecans – I wanted to marry these doughnuts!

Prosecco pop

A prosecco and peach Bellini ice pop – just what we needed to cleanse the palette between bites!

And yes – that’s a different glass of prosecco in each picture:-)

Taylor and Bennett Dark Chocolate

Coffee and cacao nib dark chocolate from Taylor and Bennett (Artisan chocolate and confectionery who use cacao husks and recycled coffee cups to make their packaging) – I was terribly British and having tasted the chocolate samples, bought this chocolate for £6 which is ridiculously expensive because I didn’t want to put it back! It is lovely chocolate though, so I’ll save it for a special night in with myself.

Salted Caramel Fudge

Salted caramel butter fudge – I can’t remember the name of the confectioner, it might be Sugar Rush. This fudge was delicious!

Shire Honey Chipotle Jam

Spring flower honey from Shire – really smooth and delicious.

Chipotle Jam – again I can’t remember who makes this but it really was sweet and smoky and packed a real punch. Delicious with tortilla chips!

Smokin BluesCrepes and Shakes

Two more of the food trucks at the festival.

Crepes and Shakes – their pancakes smelled divine!

Smokin Blues – Seriously good pulled pork – I had the loaded fries topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, cheese and chip spice! So good, but in my drunken state I dropped the last few on the walk home, womp womp!

I’ll definitely be booking tickets for 2017! If you want more information their official website is here:


Paella, new pants and face masks

Last night I made my oven baked paella <- click for the recipe but I swapped out the paella rice for cauliflower rice! It was soooo tasty and filling, and I enjoyed leftovers for my packed lunch at the office today.

I accompanied the paella with some roasted peppers and something I’ve been meaning to try for a while…charred lettuce! What’s that you say? Charred LETTUCE? But hear me out…it was AMAZING!

charred lettuce

You get a weird almost buttery texture when the leaves have been roasted, and the flavour intensifies – I definitely recommend it. I used baby gem lettuce, but into quarters and roasted at 180 degrees C for about 12-15 minutes. Don’t let them burn too much, you just want the edges to brown.

I treated myself to some funky new workout capris from ASDA (a British supermarket chain owned by Walmart) and whilst I like the fit, the pattern and the fact they stay up without a drawstring, they are very see-through! The “only suitable for private at-home workouts” kind of see-through.

ASDA workout pants

I treated myself to a bath and some papmer time this week and decided to use my new L’Oreal clay mask. L’Oreal have brought out three new pure-clay masks, and have a nifty in-store skin test to determine which you should get. My test told me to get the black ‘Detox’ mask, even though I really wanted to try the bronze coloured ‘glow’ mask!

The mask is easy to use, you only have to leave it 5-10 minutes and my skin felt softer and clearer after both times I’ve used it.

PS. This isn’t an ad or sponsored post, just my opinion.

L'oreal clay face mask

I might not do a Friday-Round up tomorrow as I have an exciting non-fitness meeting (I’ll tell-all next week) but will do a Saturday Summary if not!

Post-Race Recap

The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race.

This past Sunday (10th July) I ran the We Love Manchester 10k, and boy, it kicked my arse!

About the race

The We Love Manchester 10k sarts and finishes at SportCity in Manchester, home of the commonwealth games in 2002. Also home to the Etihad stadium, where Manchester City football club play their home games. The race is a large lap with a 2km loop at the end to finish up Mancunian way and back in the stadium.

I won’t lie, it’s not the most picturesque race, but it was a spectacularly well organised event (Sports Tours International / UK Fast) with a good warm-up, a quick start and finish process, a goody bag (with tech t-shirt and medal) and lot’s of water available at the start, middle and end of the race.WeLoveManchester10k

Pace, where did you go?


My complete lack of training for this event definitely showed on race day. Even RaceDaySelfiethough I wore my Garmin, I went out too quick and then ended up walking a lot. My first two kilometres were around 5:25 pace, my 6th was 6:45!

I set off thinking “this is going to be tough” and boy was I right. Race conditions were pretty awesome, it was overcast but not raining, but maybe a little warm for my liking. Had I trained, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but I found myself gagging for a drink of water by 3 1/2km, and I don’t carry a bottle so had to wait until the water station at 5km. I then carried this for the rest of the race and found myself walking for 30 second stretches whilst I took in some liquid.

I finished with a chip time of 1 hour and 2 seconds, damn that last bit of walking! I was kicking myself after the race thinking why didn’t I just push that bit harder…but at the end of the day, I wasn’t physically prepared.

Here’s a post-race sweaty selfie for you, look at that fringe!

Post-race selfie

I felt pretty crappy after the race, and even though I hydrated well I still got a banging headache. I persevered though, and celebrated finishing with a glass of prosecco and some vegetable pasta with smoked bacon. Savoy cabbage, soy beans, courgette, soup pasta, smoked bacon and black pepper Boursin, delicious!

Pasta vegetables bacon

My next race is Salford 10k on September 4th, and I PB’s last time, so I’m hoping that I can get somewhere close to that time again (54:43) with a good amount of training. It also fits in nicely with our holiday, and I’ll tell you more about my holiday count-down later this week!

Have you run any races or competed in any sporting events recently? Did you do better or worse than you planned?

Spring Breakfast Bowl

You know I love a good smoothie bowl, they are my favourite healthy breakfast! But we’ve been hauling the smoothie maker out nearly everyday for the past couple of months, so we’re switching it for spring with a non-blended breakfast bowl.

spring beakfast bowl

I’m not a fan of yoghurt in general, it’s too sour or too sweet and I really don’t like lumps of fruit! However, I recently discovered The Collective, a UK brand of yoghurt (I’m not sure if its available anywhere else) which comes as a smooth, thick yoghurt that balances sweet and sour perfectly, with a range if flavours.

My favourite is the passion fruit, which adds a lovely tart bite to the yoghurt!

The Collective Passion Fruit Yoghurt

We’ve been topping 150g of The Collective with 30g of Fuel 10k chocolate protein granola and fresh blackberries, blueberries and sweet cherries.

Fuel 10k is another brilliant find from the supermarket. It’s high in protein and comes with tiny dark chocolate chinks, but it isn’t too sweet and adds an almost bitter taste (in a good way).

Fuel 10k chocolate granola
My nearly 3 year old loves this breakfast just as much as I do, it’s really filling, satisfying and doesn’t feel too virtuous!

spring breakfast bowl

spring beakfast bowl

What’s your go-to breakfast?

Review: Sportswear – favourite pieces of sports clothing

I’m a bit of a floozy (don’t you just love that word) when it comes to sportswear, I’ll try pretty much any brand and love it when I can recommend a brand based on experience.

My ‘sports draw’ has all sorts of brands in from Asics (my favourite trainer) to Nike, Adidas, and some non-traditional fitness brands like Gap, H&M, and Mango.


The fact that ‘Athleisure-wear’ is no trendy means that many high street retailers are expanding their lines into sportswear, with mixed degrees of success.

Here’s some of my favourite items, and why I love them!

Asics Gel-Nimbus 16 – this is a pretty pricey trainer but when you’re running 10+ miles a week you want to make sure that your trainers are right for you. I tried on soooo many pairs of trainers before choosing the Nimbus, including Adidas (too narrow) and Nike (just felt weird). The Asics offer really good support and although they may not be the prettiest trainers, they come in loads of bright colours!

Asics gel Nimbus

GapFit gFast reflective fleece leggings – I scored this pair of leggings during the Black Friday sales (thank you for the import of this great sale America!) and they have to be the softest trousers I’ve ever owned. The fleece inside is soft without being too over-heating, and the high waist features a draw cord which is a must if you don’t like having to adjust whilst you’re exercising. The trousers feature a line of small reflective squares down the outside of both legs, ideal for running in the darker months.

Gap Fit Leggings

Mountain Warehouse running trousers – another for the cold weather, I never thought of Mountain warehouse as a sports brand, and truth be told, their range isn’t the biggest, but these trousers are so good I have two pairs! Warm, comfortable, draw cord, practical, they won’t be winning any style awards but for practicality you can’t beat them!

Mountain Warehouse Running Trousers

H&M long sleeve top – Another great find, H&M are really stepping up their game when it comes to sportswear, mixing function with fashion really well. I bought this long sleeve top ages ago, and wear it at least once a week for outside runs or some gentle stretching.

HM long sleeve top

Garmin 10 Running Watch – OK so it isn’t really clothing, but I love my Garmin! I used to use map My Run on my phone but it was just too buggy and I couldn’t find any other running apps that worked well. This watch is really easy to use and comes in loads of colours (I’ve got the purple one). I use it to keep pace, time and distance and then connect it with My Fitness Pal. The only issue is that it can be slow to find my location initially, but I use hat time to sort out my music/headphones/keys etc.

Garmin Forerunner 10

These are some of my favourite sportswear brands, I also have a drawer full of t-shirts from Nike, SweatShop, Next etc. that I use for my workouts but don’t really have a favourite. Next on my list to buy is a long vest with narrow arm holes (I don’t want my bra on show) that I can wear to Zumba, so that when I’m grooving and shaking it doesn’t ride up, anyone know where I can get one?

What are your favourite brands for working out in?