Week on Wednesday (because I missed my round-up and summary from the weekend)

Blogger fail, I didn’t post a Friday Round-Up this week or a Saturday Summary, womp womp! Why, you ask? Because I was accepting a new job and handing in my notice, yipee!

If you’ve read any of my recent Friday Round-Ups, you’ll know that I have been growing increasingly dissatisfied with my current role. I’ll now be moving to a part time marketing manager role and setting up as a freelance marketing consultant! Exciting stuff!

What does that mean for my health? Well…
1) I’ll no longer be eating my feelings (mainly boredom & anger)
2) My mind will be clearer and I’ll have less stress and anxiety – remember folks, mental health is as important as physical health (if not more so)
3)I’ll be eating at home a lot more, so I’ll need to be really careful not to snack, and make sure I have lot’s of quick healthy lunch options

Since it has been a while since my last post, I’ve got loads to share!

I’ve been getting back into my running and did a 9.8km run last Thursday and then did hill sprints on Monday. I also squeezed in a couple of at-home body-weight circuits.

Garmin 10
When your Garmin battery dies 1km from home:-(
Running essentials
Water, Garmin, Head-torch
Hill Sprints
You can’t tell, but this is one hell of a steep hill! And it was only 2 degrees!
Hill Sprints
Motivational music was necessary with the hill sprints!

It is well and truly winter in Yorkshire – we’ve got snow today! I can’t remember snow this early for years!

Snow in November!
Snow in November!

This is going to make outdoor runs a bit trickier, but I’m prepared with a new head torch and I’ve brought the thermals back out of storage!

Running Safety
Safety first! Head torch and reflective vest for night running!
Winter running
Reflective trainers, thermal tights, reflective vest

Last week was total gluttony as we had two parties at work which involved sweets, junk food and krispy kremes!
I tried to balance it out with healthier main meals, but I’ll chalk it down as a bad week for balanced eating!

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate loaf cake with a slated caramel middle – OMG!
Cheesy Fries
Homemade cheesy fries with whote and sweet potatoes, Boursin and smoked bacon – all baked and no added salt or oil!
Cheesy Fries

Friday Round-Up: Has it been a week?

Hey Guys! It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since last week’s Friday Round-Up. I feel like I haven’t done anything meaningful this week, but maybe I’m just waiting until next Saturday and our holiday!

Ice cream
At Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire a few weeks ago

It’s been 2 years since we last went on a holiday of more than 3 days, so I’m really looking forward to just spending time on the beach and by the pool with my family. Unplugging, ignoring emails, eating LOADS of ice cream and soaking up the Vitamin D!

I’ve been to both Clubbercise and Zumba this week, and they helped somewhat in easing up my work-related anxiety. I’m so unhappy at work at the moment, so I’ve put in a flexible working request and if that doesn’t pan out, I guess I’ll move onto plan B.

I wore my fancy new Marks and Spencer tights and still love them! They are thick without being hot, have a great pattern and a drawstring – 10/10!

M&S Tights
Marks and Spencer Tights!
Cauli Rice
Cauli Rice – good grain size, long shelf life and no nasty ingredients!
Sauteed Veg
Sauteed vegetables (pepper, courgette % carrot) with cauli rice, later topped with baked chicken in a spicy marinade.
Tiny pigtails as my hair is just too short for a pony tail but it’s too hot to leave down during Zumba!
Pop Works popcorn
POP Works & Co Peanut Butter and Caramel popcorn. I wanted to love it, but it wasn’t sweet enough for me!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Friday Round-Up: Bits and Bobs

This week hasn’t been out of the ordinary, and I don’t have any enlightened thinking like my post last week on Finding the much sought after work/life balance. So here’s a few bits and pieces from this week!

Cheat meal Extreme – Grilled chicken, pulled pork and smoked cheese in a brioche bun – called the Cluck Oink Burger from Oakleys in Skipton.

Cluck Oink Burger_2 Cluck Oink Burger_1

Another very sweaty Zumba session – and because the instructor is recovering from a cold, I led half of the routines #Proud !!!

Zumba Selfie_1 Zumba Selfie_2

Last Sunday’s tea looks sinful but is actually saintly! “Vegetable” pasta bake with courgette, asparagus, broccoli tips, broad beans and soy beans with fresh pesto and some smoked cheddar, topped with 2 slices of parma ham.

Vegetable Bake_1 Vegetable Bake_2

I ran a 10k on Sunday and then a 5k on Wednesday, and even though I’m no where near my time from last year’s Salford 10k, at least I’m feeling fitter than I was before Manchester earlier this year!

I’m very grateful to live in  my little part of the world, for many reasons, but they include the beautiful routes that I get to run around. This week I ran through Skipton Woods and along Skipton Castle walls. My pictures REALLY don’t do the views justice!

Skipton woods and castle_1 Skipton woods and castle_2 Skipton woods and castle_3

Homemade Turkey Burgers, y’all!
I forgot the courgette so these were straight up turkey breast mince with sesame seeds, fresh red chili and fresh thyme. I served them with sauteed vegetables (carrot, red pepper, asparagus and broccoli tips) and new potatoes.

vegetables_1 vegetables_2 Turkey Burgers_1 Turkey Burgers_2

This weekend is a bank holiday in the UK which means no work on Monday, whoop whoop! So, I’m taking advantage and will do a 10k on Sunday morning and then lots of active fun with the toddler!

Happy weekend folks! xoxo

Friday Round Up – Fighting Stress Eating

This week has just felt rubbish! A negative work environment is really affecting my mood, and whilst I’m in the process of looking for new jobs, my stress levels are creeping up.

Normally, this would lead to some serious cases of binge eating and using food to make me feel better. Not this week though! When I’ve felt myself about to spiral out of control, I’ve taken a step back, thought about why I’m about to eat the entire contents of my fridge, and made better decisions.

On Tuesday I’d had a particularly bad day, and the moment I got home I was in the kitchen, looking through the cupboards to find something, anything, to eat. I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I felt that desire to just eat until I didn’t feel sad about work anymore.

As I opened one door, I thought to myself, will I feel better if I eat a jar of fluff and peanut butter? Or will I be sacrificing my clean eating during the week to feel a moment of relief, and then guilt once the binge was over?

I left the kitchen, took a few deep breaths and focused all of my energy on the toddler, who is a far better distraction from work stress than chocolate!

I’ll be sharing my tips for a better work/life balance on Sunday!

For the most part this week, I have been eating clean, and have really packed in the veggies! I’ve also gotten back into the swing of things in terms of exercise.

Apple and Almonds
Apple slices and almonds – my new go to snack at my desk
veg stir fry
The makings of a delicious vegetable stir-fry with rice noodles earlier this week
10k Run
Getting back to my sub-1 hour 10k with a race in 2.5 weeks!


Chicken goodness bowl
Chicken goodness bowl – baked chicken with chipotle jam, peppers, carrots, peas, broccoli and wholewheat cous cous
Very sweaty after Zumba!
Breakfast Bowl
Breakfast Bowl – strawberries and melon, The Collective passion fruit and Fuel10k protein granola
Working on our yard – we only have a small outside space but I’m trying to make it a sanctuary!

And that’s it! make sure you check out my post on Sunday about life balance, especially if you’re not loving your job at the moment!

Happy Friday! xoxo

Blogs to Follow

Sometimes when you’re trying to find the motivation to put on your trainers rather than your slippers after a day at work, or to open some rice cakes instead of sweets, it can take some outside influence to keep you on track.

For me, I like to follow some health and fitness blogs who represent ‘real’ people all fighting the same battle (to live a healthy but FUN life)!

I’ve listed some of my favourite health blogs and online resources below, and please share your favourites in the comments section! You can click on the name of the blog to visit them directly!

Carrots ‘N’ Cake – Tina shares her health and fitness lifestyle with her readers, as well as some fun series such as “What I’m Loving Lately” and “High Low High”.  Workouts, Recipes, Lifestyle

Sarah Fit – Sarah is a certified personal trainer & fitness enthusiast based in Boston and her blog features lots of great workouts & recipes. She’s just had a baby so the blog also includes lots of maternity workouts and post-partum tips. Sarah regularly creates videos too.

Preppy Runner – Theodora started her blog as a way to stay accountable when trying to lose weight (sounds familiar!) and lost 50 pounds! She also works as the social media manager for Daily Burn. I love Theo’s blog as we share a love of wine/cocktails and she’s very honest in how hard she finds it to lose weight and maintain it!

Lazy Girl Running – this is a relatively new discovery for me, but I like the way Laura (who is also a running coach) tells her story as a teen / 20 something who didn’t exercise much to an ultra-marathon running badass! As well as being a personal trainer/running coach, Laura also writes a column for Men’s Running magazine and has written two books! #CRUSH

FitSugar – Part of the Pop Sugar group, Fit Sugar can almost be too much, they publish so many articles/videos etc. Some of them go copletely over my head, or just aren’t relative to me, but others are great, like the recent 30 minute cardio boxing and core video!

Inspiralized – Ali Maffucci is a true 21st century entrepreneur. She discovered the spiralizer in 2013 and hasn’t looked back, quitting her full time job, losing 25lb and writing 2 cookery books along the way! I love her Instagram accounts. @alissandrab is her personal account and @INSPIRALIZED is the blog account, and there’s @getinspiralized which Ali uses to record her workouts.

The Body Coach – Joe Wicks seems to be EVERYWHERE at the moment and his Instagram account contains some motivational before and afters, is home to the #LeanIn15 recipe videos, and he often doesn’t have a t0shirt on. What’s not to love, wink wink.

So, these are my favourite health and fitness blogs at the moment, remember to share yours in the comments!

A little goes a long way

Happy Tuesday everyone! The weather has been amazing fur the past few days here in the North of England, and we made the most of it this weekend with several trips to the park! Just being outside and on my feet has certainly helped to get me feeling a bit more sprightly!

Please forgive my very British into to today’s post – we love to talk weather!

Back to health and fitness…I haven’t run since the Manchester 10k, but my body and my mind are certainly missing the miles, so last night I got back out there and did just over 3 1/2 kilometres. My average pace was 5:52 p/k so as a warm-up I’m happy with that.


I’ll be trying to up my mileage towards the end of the year, and will try to get in some more lunchtime or after-work runs. Not only will this help towards cutting my 10k time at Salford, but running for acts as a meditation, and I find that my head is much quieter after a run.

I even did a few squats and deadlifts after my run whilst cooking dinner (savoy cabbage, tenderstem broccoli, soy beans, smoked bacon, pasta and Boursin) to add some strength to my workout.

Running tights and Nikes

^^ Looking all coordinated in my Gap tights and Nike trainers.

I’ve realised that snacking has been my worst enemy lately, so I’ve started a food journal again. Seeing just how much I’m mindlessly grazing on during the day has certainly helped to get my snaking under control and choose whole foods rather than sweets or crisps.

Food Prep
My husband is also trying to eat a bit better, so we’ve started to prepare fruit at the beginning of each week and have invested in some portion-size Tupperware so that we can take healthy fuss-free snacks to work. This week it’s all about pineapple and melon!

What’s your go-to healthy snack, or are you satisfied with fewer larger meals?

Stir-fry to start the health kick!

So, the lack of exercise and unbalanced diet I’ve been eating has left me at 166lb! I haven’t been this heavy since early last year. I know that we shouldn’t let the scale define us, but the number is definitely a reflection of my lack of fitness.

So henceforth I’m putting myself on a health kick, re-focusing on what I’m eating, which will be mostly whole foods with the occasional goodie.

Here’s a picture of a homemade turkey stir-fry I made this week (turkey breast, vegetables and cauliflower rice with a sauce made from teriyaki sauce, soy sauce,  lime juice and fresh chili with a tablespoon of peanut butter)…so good!

Homemade turkey stir-fry (1) Homemade turkey stir-fry (2)

I’ll also be upping my exercise output to try and fit in at least 3 sweat sessions a week – 1 x zumba 2 x run and 1 x HIIT strength workout.

I’ll be running Salford 10k again in September and after last weekend’s slower than average race time I’m looking to shave off at least 5 minutes in the next 2 months. 4 workouts a week should be enough, though I’ll likely ad in an extra run later in August.

Holiday tone-up

I know, I know, I know that I shouldn’t need to tone up for my holiday because 1) our body doesn’t define us whether we’re wearing a bikini or not and 2) a healthy lifestyle should mean that you don’t need to make any drastic changes before you do away BUT… I’m still going to make an effort to feel more comfortable in my own skin by late September.  I also have an awesome new swimsuit and want to be able to feel confident playing with the toddler on the beach or by the pool all day!

Here’s a shot from this morning (July 15th) and I’ll post another every couple of weeks to track picture progress!

Figleaves Swimsuit1

Ignore the “just out of the shower” hair!

Happy Friday everyone!