Eats of the Week: 1st March 2017

I’m culinary confused! It’s post-Brussels sprouts season but pre-asparagus, so for now, I’m sticking with courgettes!

Anyone else having serious green vegetable conundrums?

Anyway, I’ve been eating a real hodgepodge of meals lately, and I’ve snapped a few photos, so here we go…

strawberries and pb
Strawberries and pb as my mid-morning/post-workout snack at my desk
M&S salad
M&S salad of green salad with apple dressing and coconut chicken
Green veg
A mountain of green vegetables hidden under a lot of spiralized courgettes!
Homemade soup
Home made soup – carrots, Brussels, peppers and edamame with pasta
Breakfast bowl – The Collective passion fruit yoghurt topped with new Shreddies protein granola, dried cranberries and cacao nibs
Filo Parcels
Filo parcels stuffed with vegetables and Boursin
Fountain Inn
A vegetarian sharing platter from The Fountain Inn

What are you eating in-between Winter and Spring?

Eats of the Week(s)

I’ve been snap happy over the past few weeks and have taken pictures of quite a few of my meals. Here’s another edition of “Eats of the Week” and if you would like the recipe for any of them just let me know in the comments!

Chicken salad
Chicken salad with sesame seeds and potatoes
Chicken salad
Chicken salad with sesame seeds and potatoes

After we came back from Ibiza I was still craving fresh food with Mediterranean flavours so whipped up this chicken salad with lambs lettuce, cucumber, carrots and peppers with sesame seeds, black pepper and a simple olive oil/lemon juice dressing.

Beef casserole
Beef casserole loaded with veg and topped with dumplings
Beef casserole
Beef casserole loaded with veg and topped with dumplings

I had to buy a new casserole pan as the enamel had chipped off the bottom of my old one! This was a warm and comforting meal last Sunday as the first signs of Autumn/Winter started to show in the UK.

The Collective duple
The Collective black cherry duple over some Fuel 10k granola
The Collective Duple
The Collective black cherry duple over some Fuel 10k granola

I added some extra granola to this breakfast to fill me up a bit more.

Boursin Vegetable Pasta
Vegetable pasta with black pepper boursin
Perfect for leftovers!

This was soooo good! I’ve started using the black pepper version of Boursin in my vegetable pasta recipes and it adds a really lovely flavour!

rice noodles
Rice noodles, mangetout and tenderstem with a nut-free satay sauce!
rice noodles
rice noodles
Rice noodles, mangetout and tenderstem with a nut-free satay sauce!

This was such a quick meal and really tasty! I’d bought some nut-free satay sauce at the Yorkshire Food Festival and finally got around to trying it. I just soaked some rice noodles, dry-fried some green veg, drained the noodles and added them to the pan. Then I topped with sauce, stirred it for a minute and served!

On a decidedly less healthy note, have you tried the Ben & Jerry’s ‘One Sweet World’ ?

Caramel coffee ice cream with marshmallow (16%) & salted caramel (10%) swirls & chocolatey shaped ‘&’ signs (7%)

Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World

Oh my goodness, it’s amazing!

There we have it, some of the meals I’ve been enjoying in the past couple of weeks!
Happy Hump Day peeps xoxo

Recipe: Tropical Smoothie

A quick recipe today, and adding to my smoothie repertoire, I give you, the Tropical Smoothie!

Tropical Smoothie

Mango, pineapple and bananas blended with 0% Greek yoghurt and some water.

I used my smoothie 2 go blender and filled the cup 1/2 way with frozen mango and pineapple, then a ripe banana and two tablespoons of yoghurt. I added about 2cm of hot water as I find frozen pineapple hard to blend.

Whizz together until smooth and pour into a glass or bowl. I topped mine with some frozen raspberries and then added some Fuel 10k protein granola after I took the photo.

I’m definitely adding this one into my regular breakfast bowl rotation, and my toddler loved the “YELLOW SMOOTHIE”!

I imagine this would be good with some avocado or spinach blended too!


Friday Round-Up: Bits and Bobs

This week hasn’t been out of the ordinary, and I don’t have any enlightened thinking like my post last week on Finding the much sought after work/life balance. So here’s a few bits and pieces from this week!

Cheat meal Extreme – Grilled chicken, pulled pork and smoked cheese in a brioche bun – called the Cluck Oink Burger from Oakleys in Skipton.

Cluck Oink Burger_2 Cluck Oink Burger_1

Another very sweaty Zumba session – and because the instructor is recovering from a cold, I led half of the routines #Proud !!!

Zumba Selfie_1 Zumba Selfie_2

Last Sunday’s tea looks sinful but is actually saintly! “Vegetable” pasta bake with courgette, asparagus, broccoli tips, broad beans and soy beans with fresh pesto and some smoked cheddar, topped with 2 slices of parma ham.

Vegetable Bake_1 Vegetable Bake_2

I ran a 10k on Sunday and then a 5k on Wednesday, and even though I’m no where near my time from last year’s Salford 10k, at least I’m feeling fitter than I was before Manchester earlier this year!

I’m very grateful to live in  my little part of the world, for many reasons, but they include the beautiful routes that I get to run around. This week I ran through Skipton Woods and along Skipton Castle walls. My pictures REALLY don’t do the views justice!

Skipton woods and castle_1 Skipton woods and castle_2 Skipton woods and castle_3

Homemade Turkey Burgers, y’all!
I forgot the courgette so these were straight up turkey breast mince with sesame seeds, fresh red chili and fresh thyme. I served them with sauteed vegetables (carrot, red pepper, asparagus and broccoli tips) and new potatoes.

vegetables_1 vegetables_2 Turkey Burgers_1 Turkey Burgers_2

This weekend is a bank holiday in the UK which means no work on Monday, whoop whoop! So, I’m taking advantage and will do a 10k on Sunday morning and then lots of active fun with the toddler!

Happy weekend folks! xoxo

Recipe: “Southern Baked Chicken”

In the UK Southern Fried Chicken isn’t as ‘big’ as in the UK, but I do love a KFC every now and again. Something about the spicy, crunchy coating and the tender chicken (I’m a boneless gal, 100%) with a little bit of heat is right up my alley!

But, this is a health blog, so no, I’m not suggesting we all go out and get a bucket to share. Instead, this week I created homemade ‘Southern Baked Chicken’ which had both crunchy spicy coating and tender chicken, without all the fat, additives and salt!

Southern Fried Chicken_3Southern Fried Chicken_4

Ingredients (Serves 2)

2 x chicken breasts
1 x Handful of tortilla crisps/nacho chips (crushed)
1 x Heaped tablespoon of sesame seeds
1 x Teaspoon of smoked paprika
1 x Teaspoon of chilli flakes


  1. Tenderise the chicken breasts so they are about 1 to 1.5 centimeters thick (I have a mallet but you can use a rolling pin or even the back of a spoon)
  2. On a plate or flat surface, combine the chips, sesame seeds and spicesSouthern Fried Chicken_1 20160823_190256
  3. Lay a chicken breast in the coating mixture and press firmly, then repeat on the other side
  4. Repeat the above for the second chicken breast
  5. Place the chicken breasts onto a baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes.
    Southern Fried Chicken_2
  6. Check after 15 minutes to make sure nothing’s burning. If things are looking too dark, turn the oven down. If the coating doesn’t look at all crispy, turn the temperature up!
  7. Make sure the chicken is cooked thoroughly before serving!

I served mine with some veggies – roasted corn, mangetout, asparagus and some homemade potato wedges! And they made delicious leftovers the next day!

Southern Fried Chicken_5

If you make this let me know in the comments!

Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival

So, the countdown to my holiday took an almighty break this weekend as I attended the Yorkshire Food Festival and indulged in all sorts of delicious food & drink, as well as getting a masterclass from some famous chefs!

We watched James Martin in a live cookery demo making mushroom pasta, mackerel with pickled vegetables and then an apple charlotte. The day before, The Hairy Bikers had done a live demo but I didn’t get to see them unfortunately.

James Martin

James Martin

There were so many food trucks and stalls giving away samples and selling their produce, and myself and a friend ended up spending too much money on various dips, spreads and sweet things! All washed down with far too many glasses of prosecco, I was tipsy by 3pm!

So here’s a rundown of what we enjoyed the most…

The Doughnut Guy

The Doughnut Guy

Freshly made doughnuts from Newcastle-based “The Doughnut Guy”. You could choose from a range of sauces and toppings. I went with slated caramel sauce and pecans – I wanted to marry these doughnuts!

Prosecco pop

A prosecco and peach Bellini ice pop – just what we needed to cleanse the palette between bites!

And yes – that’s a different glass of prosecco in each picture:-)

Taylor and Bennett Dark Chocolate

Coffee and cacao nib dark chocolate from Taylor and Bennett (Artisan chocolate and confectionery who use cacao husks and recycled coffee cups to make their packaging) – I was terribly British and having tasted the chocolate samples, bought this chocolate for £6 which is ridiculously expensive because I didn’t want to put it back! It is lovely chocolate though, so I’ll save it for a special night in with myself.

Salted Caramel Fudge

Salted caramel butter fudge – I can’t remember the name of the confectioner, it might be Sugar Rush. This fudge was delicious!

Shire Honey Chipotle Jam

Spring flower honey from Shire – really smooth and delicious.

Chipotle Jam – again I can’t remember who makes this but it really was sweet and smoky and packed a real punch. Delicious with tortilla chips!

Smokin BluesCrepes and Shakes

Two more of the food trucks at the festival.

Crepes and Shakes – their pancakes smelled divine!

Smokin Blues – Seriously good pulled pork – I had the loaded fries topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, cheese and chip spice! So good, but in my drunken state I dropped the last few on the walk home, womp womp!

I’ll definitely be booking tickets for 2017! If you want more information their official website is here:


Off The Wagon

Hey Guys! I have seriously fallen off the healthy wagon and onto a road of over-indulgence, gluttony and laziness!

For the past couple of weeks my exercise pattern has been sporadic (doing nothing for days and then a 10km run, followed by more days of nothing) and I haven’t practiced any self control or 80/20 with the food I’ve eaten.

Not only is this showing on the scale (164lb!!!) but I’m also feeling less body confident, I’m filling out my clothes more than I’d like to, and generally feel uncomfortable with my body.

So today, I’m getting back on the wagon, and will re-focus on what I’m eating, when I’m eating and introduce some more consistent exercise plans

To do this, I’m going to track more than normal. something that is always successful when I’ve done it in the past. BUT it’s important not to let tracking your intake and efforts too rigorously so that it becomes a dangerous habit. It’s like they say “don’t miss out on life to lose 5lb” – follow the 80/20 and make sensible decisions. That’s what I’ll be doing.

So here’s my meals and exercises planned for the next few days…

Monday: Chicken salad from M&S for lunch with fruit for dessert, small snack (TBC), chopped salad with boiled egg and fish sticks for dinner
Davina Cardio & Legs (30 mins)

Tuesday: Yoghurt and fruit with granola for breakfast, apple and cheese for snack, tuna salad for lunch, protein or kind bar for snack, grilled chicken with courgette, cabbage and orange salad
5-8 km run

Wednesday: Yoghurt and fruit with granola for breakfast, apple and cheese for snack, chicken and salad leftovers for lunch, protein or kind bar for snack, cauliflower ‘fried rice’ with chicken, beef, egg, peas and peppers for dinner
Davina Arms and Abs (30 minutes)

Thursday: Yoghurt and fruit with granola for breakfast, apple and cheese for snack, ‘fried rice’ leftovers for lunch, protein or kind bar for snack, vegetable stir-fry with spiralized courgette & carrots for dinner

Has anyone else fallen off track lately, and how do you re-focus?