Name: Sarah

Starting Weight: 12 stone 0 pounds

Goal Weight: 10 stone 7 pounds

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

I want to be healthy because I am already happy, but think that a bit more fitness and energy would be a bonus! Any questions, let me know!


I’m now at 11 stone 7lb so a total of 7lb lost since starting this blog. That headline figure isn’t all that big, but considering I’ve had a baby and suffered from a couple of injuries, I’m not unhappy with my weight.

Sure, I’m still self-conscious about a couple of aspects of my figure, but I don’t try to hide myself in baggy sweatshirts and I’m actually fairly fit despite being ‘overweight’.

I’m definitely not going to give up on my healthy journey, and my habits are a lot healthier now than when I started, I’m just still on that unyielding quest for true balance when it comes to eating, working out and being a total slob:-)

Let’s have a little progress shot shall we…taken in July 2013 and then August 2014.

Comparison July 2013 to August 2014






You can contact me through the comments section, or via my website www.sbcmarketing.co.uk




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