Paella, new pants and face masks

Last night I made my oven baked paella <- click for the recipe but I swapped out the paella rice for cauliflower rice! It was soooo tasty and filling, and I enjoyed leftovers for my packed lunch at the office today.

I accompanied the paella with some roasted peppers and something I’ve been meaning to try for a while…charred lettuce! What’s that you say? Charred LETTUCE? But hear me out…it was AMAZING!

charred lettuce

You get a weird almost buttery texture when the leaves have been roasted, and the flavour intensifies – I definitely recommend it. I used baby gem lettuce, but into quarters and roasted at 180 degrees C for about 12-15 minutes. Don’t let them burn too much, you just want the edges to brown.

I treated myself to some funky new workout capris from ASDA (a British supermarket chain owned by Walmart) and whilst I like the fit, the pattern and the fact they stay up without a drawstring, they are very see-through! The “only suitable for private at-home workouts” kind of see-through.

ASDA workout pants

I treated myself to a bath and some papmer time this week and decided to use my new L’Oreal clay mask. L’Oreal have brought out three new pure-clay masks, and have a nifty in-store skin test to determine which you should get. My test told me to get the black ‘Detox’ mask, even though I really wanted to try the bronze coloured ‘glow’ mask!

The mask is easy to use, you only have to leave it 5-10 minutes and my skin felt softer and clearer after both times I’ve used it.

PS. This isn’t an ad or sponsored post, just my opinion.

L'oreal clay face mask

I might not do a Friday-Round up tomorrow as I have an exciting non-fitness meeting (I’ll tell-all next week) but will do a Saturday Summary if not!


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