A little goes a long way

Happy Tuesday everyone! The weather has been amazing fur the past few days here in the North of England, and we made the most of it this weekend with several trips to the park! Just being outside and on my feet has certainly helped to get me feeling a bit more sprightly!

Please forgive my very British into to today’s post – we love to talk weather!

Back to health and fitness…I haven’t run since the Manchester 10k, but my body and my mind are certainly missing the miles, so last night I got back out there and did just over 3 1/2 kilometres. My average pace was 5:52 p/k so as a warm-up I’m happy with that.


I’ll be trying to up my mileage towards the end of the year, and will try to get in some more lunchtime or after-work runs. Not only will this help towards cutting my 10k time at Salford, but running for acts as a meditation, and I find that my head is much quieter after a run.

I even did a few squats and deadlifts after my run whilst cooking dinner (savoy cabbage, tenderstem broccoli, soy beans, smoked bacon, pasta and Boursin) to add some strength to my workout.

Running tights and Nikes

^^ Looking all coordinated in my Gap tights and Nike trainers.

I’ve realised that snacking has been my worst enemy lately, so I’ve started a food journal again. Seeing just how much I’m mindlessly grazing on during the day has certainly helped to get my snaking under control and choose whole foods rather than sweets or crisps.

Food Prep
My husband is also trying to eat a bit better, so we’ve started to prepare fruit at the beginning of each week and have invested in some portion-size Tupperware so that we can take healthy fuss-free snacks to work. This week it’s all about pineapple and melon!

What’s your go-to healthy snack, or are you satisfied with fewer larger meals?


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