Recipe: Tuna salad for Summer

Happy Monday everyone!
My hometown has been bathed in glorious sunshine for the past few days so I made the most of the early evening sunshine with a 5km around town after the toddler went to bed.


I followed up with a dinner of tuna salad, with some summer updates!

It’s so much easier to eat salad in warmer weather, don’t you agree?

This salad had the classic tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise with a mixed salad of spiralized carrots, chopped cucumber, raw red cabbage, sugar snap peas and wait for it…fresh mango!

I chopped up all of the vegetables and tossed them together, with a little raspberry balsamic vinegar – but you can use any dressing you like, or none at all!

Then, I mixed a tin of tuna, a tin of sweetcorn and a teaspoon if mayo together. This covers two portions and I’ll have the rest for lunch tomorrow, with another portion of the vegetables and mango.


The mango really added a freshness to the meal that cut through all the other flavours, without being overpowering. The lack if leaves made it feel less like rabbit food and the different textures kept the eating experience exciting!

What’s your favorite summer salad?


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