Friday Round-Up: Fitness and Food

It’s been a great week in terms of both fitness and food this week, with several social events lined up for May, June and July I’ve been really focusing on making good decisions! Today I thought I would share this week’s 3 F’s – Food, Fitness and Fun!

We had a bank holiday in the UK on Monday (public holiday) and normally I would treat that type of day as a treat day, or just relax my diet, but not this time baby! I’ve been enjoying a colourful diet full of fruit and vegetables, lean protein sources and the occasional sweet treat to keep me sane!

I made an epic vegetable satay stir0fry with carrot and courgette noodles, it was so good!

Even at the weekend, I tried to make my “cheat meal” pizza a little healthier, by using a smaller portion of Boursin than I normally would (sob!) and adding some extra veggies to my pizza topping! I’ll be sharing my recipe this weekend!

Pizza Bianco

This week I’ve tried to stay consistent with my exercise and have done:

  • 45 minutes of cardio and toning (read: I danced around my living room to the Top 40 and then did Davina’s Arms and Abs workouts)
  •   A 40 minute workout on Sunday (Beach Babes arms and bum and some kettlebell exercises)
  • A 5km run on Wednesday along the canal
  • Zumba last night

The weather has seriously picked up since last week, when we had snow, hail storms, rain & wind. These past couple of days it has been much warmer and sunnier. We’ve been heading to the local park after work to play on the swings and run around, I’m teaching the toddler how to roll down hills! I’m also planning the toddler’s 3rd birthday party, including a bouncy castle and a treasure hunt!

I hope your week has been good too, what have you done in terms of the 3 F’s – Food, Fitness and Fun?


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