Monday Runday (and meat – free dinners)


So, my Zumba classes on a Monday were cancelled which made me sad, but then I realised that instead I could use that time for my long run!

And, a guilt free long run at that. During the week I like to spend as much time as I can with the toddler after work, as well as at the weekend. It’s my “mum guilt” for having a full time job and sending the toddler to nursery/nana’s throughout the week (which she loves, I just wish it wasn’t for so long). So during the months when it’s dark by her bed time at 7pm, I never want to go out running. That same mum guilt also makes me feel like I’m neglecting the toddler and husband if I spend time away from them at the weekend.


Now that it stays light well past 8pm, I don’t feel guilty about dedicating two nights a week to getting in a long workout. So henceforth Monday will be Runday and Thursday will be Zumba night💃 (dancing emoji).

Tonight I ran 9.2km in 51 minutes which I’m very happy with considering my lack of training over the past few weeks. It was a lovely route along the canal, with lots of ducklings in the water and a newly covered path which made running nice and smooth!

I followed the run with a meat-free Monday dinner of vegetable satay stir-fry with courgette noodles.


Red and yellow peppers, carrots, frozen soy beans, sugar snap peas and courgette in a nutty spicy sauce, delicious! 

I’ll be back on track with my posts this week so stay tuned for some eats of the week!


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