Friday Round-Up: Game Changer…

You guys, this morning I added half an avocado into my normal smoothie recipe and it was a game changer!  So smooth and velvety and helped to create a much creamier taste. I also feel fuller! It’s definitely something I’ll be adding regularly.

Smoothie Bowl

Last night I ran 9.1km in 55 mins, and considering I only started running properly again 2 weeks ago, I’m happy with the time. I’m now going to concentrate on building stamina through long runs and strength/speed through HIIT and leg work, so that hopefully come June I can run a sub-56 10-km in Manchester. Then I’ll be looking to go sub-54 at Salford in September.


It was my birthday this week, so I’ve been gorging on chocolate and sweet treats, and over indulgent meals. I also have a big girls night out planned on Saturday, so I’m not feeling my healthiest, but I am feeling happy with life outside of my 9-5. Work sucks!

The stress and anxiety has definitely had a negative affect on my exercise and health, but I do have a job interview on Monday for something I could get really passionate about! The only downside is its part-time, and I need full-time hours, but I’m looking into supplementing the job with freelance work if I get it! I’ll keep you updated.

Happy weekend everyone!


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