Easter Monday – hello chocolate

Happy Easter weekend everyone!
This blog is not a forum I use for political or religious debate, but I’d like to take this opportunity to remember all those people who have lost their lives or loved ones, or have been injured in the attacks in the past few days, including Belgium and Pakistan.

This weekend has been full of family times, and I’m grateful I’ve been able to spend happy times with the people I love the most.

In terms of fitness, I ran just over 5km tonight, and as the first run in a while, I’m happy!
5.16 km in 29 mins.
I felt strong towards the end and if it hadn’t been dark or I was wearing some hi – vis I would have carried on.

Last night I ate spiralized yellow courgette with shredded Brussels sprouts and pancetta with a small cube of boursin followed by some spiralized apples and some chocolate!



Considering I haven’t eaten chocolate in almost 2 months I didn’t go wild yesterday, I had 2 cadbury oreo mini eggs and a creme egg. I’m hoping I’ve kicked my cravings and will be able to enjoy chocolate in moderation from now on.

Did anyone else do anything health/fitness related for Lent or this long weekend?


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