Friday Round Up: Switching it up

Happy Friday Everyone! This week I’m going to focus on the positive impact that change can have, and how I’ve been switching it up recently to try and break out of my mental and physical plateau!

The benefits of switching up your exercise routines has long been touted as a way to break a weight loss plateau, wither by introducing new forms of exercise or increasing intensity. Here’s some examples of how you can switch it up…

  • Increase the weight you lift
  • Increase the speed or add hills to your runs
  • If you only do cardio, add some strength training and vice versa
  • Try a new class such as Zumba (my ultimate favorite), ballet fit or yoga

Buying new exercise clothes can also help to get some motivation, and I’ve recently bought this two-layer top from Mango (the outlet), and these pants from Forever21.
Forever21 leggingsMango top

If you put yourself on a restricted diet, by cutting out entire food groups or drastically reducing your calorie intake, you may notice short-term weight loo (if that’s you goal) but it doesn’t tend to last. Why? You end up craving the things that you have cut out of your diet, which can lead to you eating more than you normally would and sabotaging the rest of your healthy eating.

You will be able to maintain a balanced diet of the right amount of calories for your goals (and no, I’m not advocating low-calorie diets, if you workout a lot or do manual labour, eat girl!) for much longer than you will be able to restrict yourself.

If you start noticing bad habits creeping back in, you may need to add some new recipes into your diet, or find healthy alternatives to your favourite treats. Nigella Lawson, Anna and Charlotte at Sustain the Glow and Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized all have delicious recipes!

I’ve recently switched up my breakfast from Strawberry Skyr yoghurt with granola to berry and banana smoothie bowls as I was getting board with the same breakfast over and over and had started to want my mid-morning snack earlier.
Smoothie Bowl

Sometimes all you need to feel renewed is a little bit of fresh air, and as Spring starts to appear (at least here in the UK) getting outside can really help you to be more active and switch up your routine.

The toddler and I now have long weekend walks where we explore woodland, rivers and trails. We might not be walking very fast or very far, but those few hours in crisp spring air really help us both to feel happy and connected, which is important as I work full time during the week so the weekends are our quality time together. It also enables development in the toddler as she learns about nature, science and her own abilities (jumping, skipping, running).

What changes do you make when life feels stale either in terms of fitness and health goals or life in general?



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