Wednesday Workout – Run and Legs

Technically I did this workout last night, but I just love the alliteration!

I’ve been feeding my Zumba habit with two workouts a week for the past month or so, but I felt like I really needed to add some running as it feeds my soul and just makes me feel better.

Last night I had a few minutes free whilst the other half was putting the toddler to bed and before I started making dinner, so I pulled on my trainers and got in a quick workout. I ran around town in well lit areas for 2.75km (15 mins) and then at home I did some body weight exercises focusing on my legs:

  • 20 x standard squats
  • 10 x wide leg squats
  • 10 x plié squats
  • 30 x donkey kicks on each leg
  • 10 x single leg squats on each leg
  • 10 x single leg deadlifts with kettlebell on each leg
  • Stretching

We have a small kitchen, but I was able to do all of the exercises above whilst cooking dinner (cauliflower and carrot rice with edamame beans and grilled chicken – recipe to come later this week!) and still eat at a reasonable time of the evening.

Here’s a post-workout #SweatySelfie, cos if you don’t selfie your workout it didn’t happen, right?

What have been your workouts this week? Are you in training for an event or challenge?


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