Friday Round Up: Stuck in a rut

I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut (physically and mentally) for the past few months, and think it might be time for a big change. I’m thinking about 1) a new job or 2) some major interior renovations at home (ideally we’d like to move but our current house needs some major work to get it ready for the market).
And whilst these are longer-term changes, I’m starting to make some smaller changes now that I hope to help me get out of this little rut.

  1. Toddler time = no-tech time
    I try not to use my phone or tablet whilst I’m playing with the toddler, as I work full time so the hours/days we have together are precious. I’m also going to start limiting our TV time and do more crafting at home.
  2. Get Out!
    The weather in the UK (specifically North Yorkshire) has been rubbish.* We’ve had rain for weeks, cold temperatures and wind. It’s now looking like it will be a bit clearer for the next few days, so I’m going to make the most of it by getting out and about on walks and adventures!
    *UK weather isn’t really extreme, so apologies to everyone who really suffers from bad weather!
  3. Cut back on caffeine – the number of cups of coffee I drink whilst at work has been slowly rising and I can feel it making me anxious and jittery. I’m going to buy a high quality decaff alternative and some mint tea so I can switch up the hot drinks I have at work, reducing my caffeine intake.

This week I’ve managed three workouts so far (2 x Zumba sessions and 1 x lunchtime run) and whilst I don’t have any specific workouts planned for the weekend, its looking like its going to be very active with the toddler!

Look at the disco lights that we have on during Zumba…Such fun!
20160307_193147 20160307_193148 20160307_193144

This week a friend and I had girl’s night in with a healthy spread (just don’t tell anyone about the bottle of prosecco)!

Also – Joey the dog is my friend’s and he was super interested in the prosciutto-wrapped vegetables!

20160309_195943 20160309_195935

As mentioned, I’m trying to get back into running at work again, so I’m making sure that I have all of my gear with me in the office so there’s no excuse!

Also, this morning I weighed in at 160lb. This may not be fast weight loss but it’s achievable long-term #BOOM

Happy Friday everyone!
Have a great weekend xoxo


2 thoughts on “Friday Round Up: Stuck in a rut

  1. Hope spring comes to your neck of the woods soon! Boston usually has a rainy and gross March, but looks like spring has come early for us! Have a great weekend!

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