Friday Round Up – Toning Up (Again)

I mentioned in my ‘Make Mornings Matter’ post that I had been slacking on my exercise, so I was going to incorporate some quick morning routines for abs, arms and legs that I could do each morning before work.

Well, it didn’t start too great with only 2 mornings out of 5 completed before Tuesday, but then I stepped it up and have incorporated one or more of the exercise routines most mornings since then. I’ve also added in some extra exercise like Zumba and my Davina DVD.

I’m feeling a bit stronger already, and am determined to keep it up!

It’s been a bit of a so-so week for me this week, without anything too exciting to talk about! It has snowed in sunny Yorkshire so the toddler and I built a snowman this morning before nursery. SUCH FUN!

I’ve also booked a family holiday for late September, so I’ll be using the fact that I would like a new Summer wardrobe as a motivator to try and keep up my exercise levels and monitoring my foodalicious intake!

Happy weekend everyone!


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