Friday Round Up: Some Pics and Things

I don’t have anything profound to say today (like most days really), so I thought I would share some pictures from this week, and just have a bit of a chin wag!

My love of Boursin continues and I made one of the best courgette spaghetti’s in a while last week!

After Zumba on Monday I had some tuna with sweetcorn, sugar snap peas and a boiled egg with some Tyrells Caramel and Coconut Popcorn. YUM!
Zuma tea

Last night I made my version of minestrone (which is really just soup pasta and vegetables cooked in broth with spices and herbs! Look at all the lovely vegetables!

I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps at the moment. Work isn’t that enjoyable at the moment, and it’s affecting my mood and making me anxious, which isn’t something I normally suffer from.

I did the Legs/Butt workout from my challenge that I started yesterday this morning in my PJs!

I’m looking forward to a weekend full of time with my family (lots of people visiting) and a lazy morning on Sunday as I get to have a lie in!

Have a good weekend everyone!



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