Friday Round-Up: Eats of the Week

Not much has happened this week, so I thought I would share some eats of the week, as I’ve actually remembered to take some pictures!

You’ll notice that the predominant image is Gin! I enjoyed a glass of Boodles gin with some FeverTree Sicillian Lemonade and Low-Calorie tonic water, yum!

I made turkey fajitas this week which for me included turkey, shredded carrot and iceberg lettuce, charred sweetcorn and cheddar cheese, topped off with sriracha sauce and hot hot hot sweet chilli sauce.

Last Sunday I had pea and pancetta pasta from Tesco’s Finest Range, served with some gnocci, sugar snappeas and pesto. YUM!

I also had a bit of a selection last Friday of pulled pork nachos with roasted gnocci and sugar snap peas, another delicious meal.

I’m still at 161lb this week which I’m absolutely fine with as I’m feeling hella’ bloated and haven’t made as many healthy decision this week as I should have. I am still off the chocolate though (4 weeks and counting)!!

Happy Friday Y’all!









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