Workout this week

Finally, I’m feeling back into a bit of a routine when it comes to regular exercise after the last few weeks of being plagued by a bad back, so I thought I’d share some of my latest workouts with you…

  1. Saturday afternoon – 3km run – I had to fit this in whilst the toddler was napping and before the hubby went to watch football, so I only had 20 minutes. Having not run in what seems like forever, I did a slow 3.1km (18 mins) around town. It felt good to just pop my headphones in, put on some country music and go!
  2. Monday evening HIIT and stretch – I did the 15 minute HIIT cardio section of Davina McCall’s 15 Minute Fit dvd which went really quickly but definitely got my heart rate up. Then i did the stretch section which went DEEP!
  3. Wednesday evening HIIT, arms and stretch – The same as Monday, but this time I added the Arms section which was killer! I used 2kg dumbbells and my arms were screaming by the end, in a really good way!
  4. Tonight I’ll be at Zumba – there aren’t enough words to describe my love of Zumba!

So there we go, nothing too extreme whilst I ease myself back into regular exercise. What’s been your favourite workout this week?


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