Recipe: Spiralized Fajita Bowl

Fajitas are a family favourite in our household, but with the introduction of the spiralizer, I’ve updated our usual to make a healthier, yet no less satisfying meal!

By filling up on veggies there’s less room for cheese and you don’t need as many wraps in order to feel satisfied, so the fajita bowls are great for anyone looking to make this classic a bit healthier.

Ingredients (serves 2 people):
250g turkey or chicken breast (you7 can use boneless thigh if you prefer)
2 medium carrots
1 courgette
Red pepper (bell pepper for US)
Wraps and fajita seasoning (we use Santa Maria)
Cheese of your choice – we love Illchester applewood smoked cheddar
Condiments – my favourites are hot sweet chill sauce and sriracha


  1. Spiralize your courgette and carrots and split between 2 bowls20160105_190936
  2. Grate the cheese and add to the bowls
  3. In a dry frying pan, cook the peppers and sweetcorn until they are brown on the edges – this gives a lovely smoky taste, then add them to your bowls
  4. Cut the meat into thin strips and add them to the pan you cooked the vegetables in, with a little oil
  5. When the meat is nearly cooked through, add the fajita seasoning and cook until the meat is done
  6. Divide the meat into your bowls
  7. Serve your wraps as you like them. My favourite way is to toast them and use them to scoop the ingredients
  8. Top with sauce of your choice and enjoy!




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