At Home Legs

On Tuesday I’d planned to go for a short run to break me back into the habit, but it was raining cats and dogs at lunchtime and in the evening, so I opted for an @ Home legs workout instead.

I used a kettlebell during the workout but you could use a dumbbell or heavy household item (sometimes I use a large pillar candle).

NB: I am in no way qualified to give exercise advice and the exercises below should be performed to the best of your ability with the approval of your physician. Consult your physician before starting a new exercise regime. Take it steady!

15 x Donkey Kicks on each leg (keep the foot high and pulse upwards)

donkey kick
15 x extended leg kicks on each leg – move from all fours onto your forearms and straighten the left leg so that it is parallel to the floor. Raise the foot towards the ceiling to work the bum muscles.

10 x Fire hydrants each leg
Fire Hydrants








10 reps each leg x side lunge with pulses – this one was taken from Tone It Up! Start with feet hip width apart. With your right leg, lunge out to the side but keep your knee in line with your ankle. Repeat this 10 times on the right. On the last lunge, keep your right leg slightly bent and then pule your left leg straight out to the side 10 times. repeat on the other side.

10 reps each leg – single leg deadlift – Again, taken from the lovely ladies at Tone It Up! you can hold onto the back of a chair for support if you need help with balance!
Single leg deadlift






12 reps – weighted plie squat – stand with your feet wide apart, toes pointed outwards. Hold your weight between your legs, keeping your back flat. Squat down and then back up for 1 rep.

12 reps – weighted wide leg squat – from the plie squat move your legs slightly closer together and turn your toes so they are facing forwards. Hold your weight between your legs, keeping your back flat. Squat down and then back up for 1 rep.

10 reps each side – step back lunges with knee raise. Start with feet hip-width apart. Step back with the right leg and bend the left knee to perform a lunge. Then, straighten the left knee and bring the right leg forward, raising the knee towards the chest. Return the foot to the floor. this is one rep.

12 reps each leg – front combat kicks – contract the core to bring the right leg forwards in an extended leg kick. Step back into combat stance. This is one rep.

12 reps each leg – roundhouse kicks

12 reps each leg – ski lunges (also known as curtsy lunge)
ski lunge





10 x standard hip bridges
Hip bridge





10 x closed feet hip bridges (move the knees a little outwards when you pulse upwards)

Repeat the sequence at least two or three times depending on your ability.I did this workout on Tuesday and my butt is still a bit tight!





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