New Spiralizer

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a spiralizer instead of using my trusty julienne peeler for my 2016 spiralizer recipes.

I knew that I didn’t want to spend loads and the product had to be light and easy to pack away when it isn’t in use.

In the end I opted for a spiralizer from Lakeland at £14.99. The product arrived a couple if days after I placed the online order and so far I’ve got mixed feelings, maybe I should have gone for the official inspiralizer?!?



You can do all the usual foods (courgette, sweet potato, apple etc.) and my first recipe was courgette spaghetti, using a similar recipe to my standard courgette spaghetti recipe.


My main issue with the machine I bought is that the size needs to be a certain width in order to reach the slicer, and I’m not sure if some vegetables will be thick enough, only experimentation will tell!

I’m gong to try carrot and see if the size will be a problem, I’ll keep you posted!


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