It was never going to happen…

In my post about staying accountable I said that I would like to be at my pre – Christmas weight on January 4th.

Who was I trying to kid? I don’t think there’s any way I’ll still be at 160, the number on the scale come Monday morning will likely be closer to 165.

I’ve been so inactive over the past couple of weeks and have thoroughly indulged in food, food, food!

That includes an immense meal between Christmas and New Year of pulled pork, homemade chips covered in smoked cheddar and pancetta and some garlic vegetables. Pure bliss on a plate!


This was accompanied with a delightful gin and bitter lemon next to the Christmas tree.


So my weight won’t be the same as it was before Christmas (let’s see just how much over it is tomorrow) but I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting fit again!

I’ve purchased a pair of dumbbells and the Davina 15 minute fit dvd that I can do at home.

Happy belated New Year everyone! Xoxo


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