2015 Year in Review

As 2016 beckons, I wanted to take this opportunity to review 2015 in terms of my journey to a healthier version of myself, to learn more about what works and what doesn’t, and how I can improve next year.


At this time last year, I weighed around 158lb, and by the New Year that figure had reached 162lb. I’ve fluctuated between 161 and 154 for most of this year as I’ve gone through spells of intense exercise and complete latency.

During those times that I was committed to a steady exercise regime, I noticed my body was firmer, and I was less conscious of my arms (the one area of my body that I’m self-conscious about). After having Jessica my stomach has taken on a new shape, with the lower ‘tyre’ more prominent than ever, even at the same pre-pregnancy weight. There’s not really much I can do about the shape (and I’m not that bothered by it to consider a surgical alternative) but eating less processed food and having a consistent level of activity in my life definitely reduces the prominence of the shape.

I actually aren’t that unhappy with my body, and I think I look better naked than in most clothes! Of course I would like to tighten up, and so my goal for 2016 is to consistently add some toning exercises for my arms, abs and arse as well as running.

2015 Lesson: Consistency is key.

2016 Goal: Exercise at least 3 times a week (running, Zumba, bodyweight toning) but try to squeeze in some mid-week lunchtime runs when the weather improves enough.


There’s no question about my love for food, and whilst I have my quirks (I don’t like ‘wet’ food such as mashed potatoes, but could happily eat a jacket or new potato) there isn’t much that I don’t like.

The upside to this is that I can experiment with different vegetables and grains, the downside is that I also love me some chocolate, and cake, and bread with lashings of butter. I’ve even developed a fondness for whipped cream this year, which is something that really cannot be considered healthy!

I also don’t really have an off switch. I could quite happily polish off a family size bar of galaxy chocolate or grab bag of crisps, especially if I’m watching TV or bored.

During the last few months I’ve been playing with the idea of vegetarianism. Animal welfare, global warming and the cost of meat are all factors. I don’t think that I’ll be turning into a strict vegetarian in 2016, but I’ll be trying to reduce my meat and fish intake and instead find alternative protein sources.

2015 Lesson: Keep things interesting

2016 Goal: More meatless Mondays (but not just Mondays)

I’d like to take my ‘healthy journey’ to the next level in 2016 by reaching 153lb and maintaining that weight (or under). I’ll be discussing my 2016 goals in more details in my next post, and how they’ll help me to kick it up a notch and make some proper progress!

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you for following 21lb Challenge this year!


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