Ruby Red Christmas Cocktail

I’m a sucker for a cocktail that contains gin or Martini (not a martini cocktail, Martini the drink). I’m not fussy about the brand of Gin, although I do love a Tanqueray,

I also love Nigella Lawson, a lot. I aspire to be a mix of Nigella Lawson and Kirstie Allsop in my homemaking,

I saw nigella once make a cocktail using pink vermouth, pomegranate juice and ginger ale, but I’m not a huge ginger ale fan so here’s my updated version of the recipe!

20151219_185531To make a pitcher of the cocktail (for yourself, or to share if you must!) you’ll need…

  • 1 bottle of prosecco – don’t use expensive champagne as the taste will be overwhelmed by the other ingredients.
  • 50ml of Rosato martini (or any pink vermouth, or any vermouth really) per person.
  • 1 carton of pomegranate juice – I also sometimes use Ocean Spray Cranberry and Pomegranate juice.
  • Ice

If you want to give the cocktail an extra bit of Christmas spirit, you could add 25ml of gin per person as well.

This cocktail is very festive with its ruby sparkle but be warned, it’s VERY drinkable!

For more of nigella Lawson’s cocktails, visit Stylist:

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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