Keeping it up over Christmas

That title sounds ruder than I anticipated, and this post in no way relates to erectile functioning:-)

Let’s be honest, my exercise schedule has taken a nosedive over the past few weeks and my eating has turned into Christmas eating a few days too early.

We’ve had severe flooding (for us) in the North of England and not only has that displaced many people from their homes and affected business, it also means that I haven’t been able to run on my lunch hour, as I have no way to get dry in our new offices. What a bummer!

My sole source of exercise has been my weekly Zumba class, but that’s it. nothing else, zilch.

I’ve also fallen into the vending machine trap, eating a chocolate bar each day for the past couple of weeks. I’ve managed to break that cycle today, and will try to stick to fruit snacks at work for the next few day before the office closes for Christmas.

I don’t want to get to January and think that I’ve lost all of my progress, so I’ll be getting back on my exercise schedule this week, and have set a goal of exercising at least 3 times each week even over Christmas and New Year.

I’m not going to make any such goals about eating over the festive period. I love holiday food and I love a glass of wine or gin & tonic. I’ll try to make sure that I don’t eat mindlessly, and will be keeping a stock of fresh whole foods in the house so that I always have the option of something nutritious.

Sorry for my lack of photos in this post. I’ve written it on my mobile and couldn’t add the photos!


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