Where did November go?

  Everyday I’ve been meaning to get back here and write up some posts, and everyday real life gets in the way!

So, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I can’t believe we’re only a week away from December, I feel like it was Halloween 5 minutes ago!

You’ll be glad to know that I’ve been busily snapping away at meals and work-out selfies, I didn’t forget about my little old piece of the internet, I just didn’t get around to adding them to the site! So here goes, a monster post for you all…


I’m not going to lie, there haven’t beenworkout selfie many of these recently.
The floods in the North of the UK meant that I missed the Leeds Abbey Dash last weekend as I couldn’t get to Leeds in time with all the diversions:-( I’m on the lookout for another 10k to enter before the end of January as I’ve really taken my foot off the pedal when it comes to my running.

Zumba, OH I LOVE YOU! Even without any other workouts, I’ve still been to Zumba each week, and I’ve even dragged my best friend along. She religiously resisted coming to Zumba, thinking she wouldn’t be able to do the routines or would be embarrassed, and guess what…she’s now hooked!

Kettlebells – with the lack of gym close to my new office and the weather getting wetter and wetter, I’m going to re-focus on strength training and kettlebell workouts at home.


Food, Glorious Food

I’ve been snacking less during November, which I think is helped by a couple of reasons:

  • breakfasts high in protein
  • being more productive at work, so I’m not bored and using food as a distraction

Skyr yoghurt with Fuel granola and berries Pancake feast

I’ve also been trying to substitute foods with low nutritional value for whole foods, so I’m cutting down on pasta and bulking out the meals with courgettes and my favourite, brussels sprouts!

Garlic Bread

I’ve been balancing that out with a lot, and I mean A LOT of cheese, and some chocolate.

Thai with the bestie M&S teA Roast cauliflower, smoked bacon and fried eggs 20151112_205249

My goal for the next few weeks is to keep on track with balanced foods, eating seasonal vegetables and not giving in to my seasonal gluttony – if I don’t buy the large box of chocolates I won’t eat them, so I’m trying to stay out of the supermarket as much as possible.


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