New routes

Don’t fear change, embrace it.
-Anthony J. D’Angelo

My work has recently relocated to Ilkley, West Yorkshire, and whilst this is a good thing for the business (better access to public transport, nearer to larger cities, better office facilities), it’s rubbish for me as I now have an extra 20 minutes each way on my journey and I no longer have access to a gym on my lunch hour!

At first I was a real Debbie Downer over the move, and there are some aspects I’m still really sad about, mostly that I am no longer home in time to pick the toddler up from nursery so lose time with her in the morning and evening.

But I’ve decided to embrace the change, it was going to happen anyway after all.

So what am I doing?

I’ve decided that I’ll run outside at least twice a week – I just need to keep an eye on the weather forecast and try to aim for days with no rain.






Next year (when I get my new holiday allowance) I’m going to take off at least one day every 6 weeks to spend some quality girl time with the toddler.
I’ve downloaded some new songs and some classics for my commute – it’s amazing how much music can make your mood!

Training Update
There’s less than two weeks to the Leeds Abbey Dash 10km and I haven’t done much training so far, but this week I’ve run twice already. Due to time limitations on my lunch hour I’ve only managed just over 3.5km each day, but my pace is around 8:44 per mile, which I’m happy with. Today I ran my quickest km ever, 4 min 53 seconds!

How do you embrace change?


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