Poorly times:-(

I’m sweating a whole lot, but it isn’t from exertion, its from being poorly!

I’ve been well and truly off my training plan for the Abbey Dash 10km in a little over 2 weeks, having only managed a 4km run and a Zumba class this week.

The hubby and toddler have both been suffering from colds, and I had managed to avoid illness until Tuesday, when I started getting cold/hot sweats, banging headaches and a sore throat. No runny nose or cough through, so that’s a bonus!

I’ve still been in work, and this may be TMI (too much information) but I’ve had to tissue off my back every few minutes as cold sweat is literally pouring out of me. If it wasn’t for some pretty important stuff happening at work, my bed would be beckoning me.

Last weekend I went to London with the toddler and my mum to see my sister who is living there for a few years. We went to The Ritz for lunch which was a present from last Christmas that we wanted to do together! The food was sublime, the service impeccable and it was just really lovely! Check out the chocolate souffle, it was huge!

Chocolate Souffle at The Ritz







We also went to a bar that served lots of different types of gin and tonics, my favourite had grapefruit in it, delicious, and they were huge!

Gin and Tonics





Back from London and having an at-home pamper session with a glass of wine, manicure and watching strictly come dancing!

Wine, manicure, instagram and scd







I’m hoping this illness buggers off so I can get back into training and start feeling like myself again.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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