Back in training

There’s no such thing as a bad run

Once you’ve finished! But 80% of the time during my treadmill runs, I hate them! All I can do is look at my distance, look at the time, look at my distance, look at my time in a never ending cycle of self-punishment. You decide to look ahead, or switch songs on your phone, thinking that a couple of minutes must have passed, but then you look again and it’s only been 23 seconds!

Treadmill running quote

So why do I run? Because after I’ve finished, I feel invincible. And on those days where I get to run outside or I’m just really feeling it, even being on a treadmill knowing I have 18 minutes left of a 20 minute run feels great!

And so I’m back in training! I’ve signed up for the Leeds Abbey Dash on November 15th, a 10km that boasts a flat fast course so I’m hoping to PR again, and get under 54:30.

I’m also contemplating signing up for a marathon next year. I’m 50/50 at the moment, as I’d really like to run a marathon before I’m 30 (April 2018) but working full time means that I have limited treasured time with my little girl when I’m not at work and she isn’t in bed. It would need to be a late summer race so that I could get in some hours on an evening after she’s asleep and before it gets dark, I’ll keep you posted!

bacon, egg, spinach, potatoesToday’s lunch was leftovers from last night. Boiled eggs, baby spinach, smoked bacon and some new potatoes. The picture is from a search on Google Images as I was too greedy to take a picture:-)



Are you working towards any fitness goals?


One thought on “Back in training

  1. Treadmills can be incredibly boring/tedious sometimes. That 10k sounds great as well as a prospective marathon. If you do your research and plan well you can totally do it!

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