That Friday Feeling

You know my hips don’t lie
And I’m starting to feel it’s right – Shakira Shakira!

Why the Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean lyrics you ask? Why not! And also because I requested a Zumba routine to Hips Don’t Lie last week and last night we did it! I LOVE ZUMBA!

I’ve started to feel so much better this week both in terms of my healthy progress and life in general.

  • The issues I was having at work aren’t affecting me as much, because 1) the new MD who was the cause of so much unrest has left and 2) because I’m focusing on what I want to get our of my current role and trying to be more productive.
  • I’ve been making the most of my time at home, especially with my toddler who started POTTY TRAINING this week, and that’s a big challenge, especially as we’re going away for a few days and she doesn’t like big toilets yet!
  • I was feeling really bloated and sluggish so I had a few days rest and then Zumba made everything all right again! I’m focusing on fresh foods and less refined foods as well as adding more spices for warmth as its getting chilly in England!
  • I’ve come up with a new October challenge which I’ll share early next week. It’s a quick 3-part routine that you can pick and choose from or do all 3 parts.

Have a cracking weekend everyone!


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