Getting Back to Myself

I’ve been down in the dumps for the past couple of weeks, and for someone who’s a glass half full kinda gal, it affected my whole attitude.

Work was the primary factor behind my depression, so I’ve made the conscious decision to just keep my head down and crack on 9-5, and then really make the most out of the rest of life.

I went to Zumba last week after having to miss last week for a works dinner, and my love of the exercise class only continues to grow. I’m somewhat of a teacher’s pet and even got to  lead a couple of the routines last night! My favourite routine is to Jason Derulo “Want To Want Me” and I will blow my own trumpet and tell you I’m ace at it!

Here’s a post-Zumba smug face…

Zumba selfie

After my 10k in Salford on Sunday I’ve kept the exercise momentum up  with a 5km run along the canal, a quick gym lifting session and a 4.5km treadmill run during the week.

Skipton Canal run

I even took this selfie in the gym and think my arms are looking OK and my face is looking slimmer…

gym selfie

Have a great weekend everyone!


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