The fruits of your labour

Working hard for something can lead to disappointment if we don’t see results quickly, so it is motivational when we start to see the fruit of our labours showing, whether that’s a smaller number on the scale, dropping a dress size or getting a new personal best in fitness.

This week I’ve been sticking to my training plan for the 10km, running 3 x this week with some Zumba and strength training thrown in for good measure. I’ve also been following the 80/20 rule of eating, filling myself with whole foods that will nourish my body and indulging in the odd treat. I’m feeling stronger than I have in a while and more confident every day. And whilst it’s not the be end and all end, I’ve pushed past a weight loss plateau and hit 158lb this morning.Keep calm and go for a run

I’d never advocate dieting or working out for other people, you have to be doing it for yourself, but I can’t deny that it feels good when someone notices that you’ve lost weight (but being a complicated woman, I also don’t think it’s right that people comment on your weight at all). However, the comment did come from a couple of friends who are also getting into running and trying to eat healthier, so I didn’t mind too much:-)

I’m feeling super dedicated at the moment, and even managed a good workout last night when I would have rather enjoyed a few minutes of P&Q (the baby was in bed and the husband was at the football) binge watching Madame Secretary (how good???) , but I picked up those kettlebells instead! And followed it with a fuji apple covered with crunchy PB and a spoonfull of fluff!

20150816_184410Apple, peanut butter, fluff

How was your weekend? xoxo


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