Running Inspiration and a quick training update

 If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon. – Kathrine Switzer

Whilst looking for motivational running quotes I came across the story of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to enter the Boston Marathon in 1967 who then campaigned to get the Women’s marathon into the Olympic Games.

If you don’t know about her story, there’s a short video on YouTube (embedded below).

I’ve never thought about the struggle for women to officially enter running races before, and having entered several races int he past few years, have never encountered any animosity from men, women or race officials. In the Western World at least, the running community is one of kinmanship, hey, we all must be as crazy as each other if we actually LIKE running!

Kathrine’s story reminds me that it’s important to remember the history and struggle encountered by generations of women to take part in everyday activities that we now consider a right, and don’t think twice about. It’s also encouraged me to research more about how other parts of the world treat female athletes, and barriers women are facing to partake in activities we take for granted.

On a quick training update…

As you know, I’m taking part in the City of Salford 10km in early September and I’m hoping to beat my previous time. I’ve been sticking with my lunchtime runs at the Gym, and last night ran 7km in 40 mins.

Garmin 7km run


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