Eats of the Week

I’ve been at it again, snapping pictures of some of the meals and snacks I’ve been easting this week…

  1. M&S Mezze – I do love a good Marks and Spencers haul and one night this week I made a little mezze including sweet and smoky chicken, halloumi and courgette parcels, quinoa and edamame salad and then some asparagus and brocolli steamed with some garlic butter, delicious!

M&S MezzeM&S MezzeM&S MezzeM&S Mezze

2) My new go-to indulgent snack is a chocolate snack a jack (rice cake), half covered in peanut butter, half covered in fluff and then drizzled with toffee sauce, yummy!

Rice cake with PB and fluff

3) Simple steak – a fillet steak (cooked medium-rare) with asparagus and broccoli steamed with garlic butter and some oven roasted gnocchi.

Steak, gnocci and green vegSteak, gnocci and green veg  Steak, gnocci and green veg

Who said healthy eating had to be boring and tasteless, or full of salads?

What’s your favourite healthy recipe?


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