A new goal…

My last race was the Blackpool promenade 10 Miler and considering that my training plan wasn’t as thorough as I would have liked due to a niggling ankle injury, I still achieved my goal time of sub 1:40 (< 10 min miles).

That race was back at the end of May, and since then, I’ve been trying to decide what my next goal should be. I thought about entering the York half marathon, but life at the moment is fairly full and I can’t dedicate the training hours required to get a good time. So instead, I’ve decided that my next goal will be to beat my 10km record ( 55:51 at the 2014 Blackpool Autumn Breaker).

So…I’ve entered the City of Salford 10km on September 6th. My goal is to crack 55 minutes so there will be interval, speed and hill climbs in my training over the next few weeks.

And finally, I’ve lost 1lb this week, phew! After stalling for the past few weeks at 160lb, it’s nice to be back in the 150s. I thought giving up alcohol would produce a bigger loss, but I may have substituted with peanut butter and I definitely didn’t drink enough water this weekend. But hey, a pound is a pound and it’s in the right direction!

Happy Monday Everyone, do you have any new goals?


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