Where’s my coffee, it’s Monday!

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

It’s Monday again, and whilst I may not have spent my Sunday fully preparing for the week ahead, we did manage to have a fun-packed couple of days spent with family and friends and I’m ready for the week ahead!

We spent some time at a new farm shop that has opened and sells fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, all very reasonably priced and so lovely to look at!

Keelham Farm Shop

They also have an in-store bakery with delicious pastries, so I treated me and the toddler to Saturday morning croissants! To be honest, the treat was more for me, she ate some normal toast after refusing the flaky pastry, but that meant more for me so I wasn’t complaining:-)

I made a delicious mezze last night for dinner and will share some of the elements later this week in a recipe post!

I didn’t do any exercise except walking around the park and town with the little one, a lot! But I did do some squats, I might  make it into a July Squat Challenge, would anyone else want to do it?

Drum roll please – after upping my exercise a little bit and making more of an effort to eat consciously, I’m down 1lb since last week to 160lb! Only 6lb to go to reach my goal for the end of August!

Did you all have a good weekend?


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