Yesterday you said tomorrow

For the past few weeks in the Friday round up, I’ve spoken about how I’ve let my habits slip back into unhealthy territory, and the pressure I’ve been feeling from a busy life that has lead to the lack of focus.

Well today I’m recommitting to being healthy, they’ll be no more excuses and 100% accountability. That doesn’t mean that I’ll talk badly to myself if I make a mistake, or let negative thoughts outweigh the positive, but I will be honest and recognise when I’m not trying hard enough or am falling back into bad habits.

Some one has said

It’s the start that stops most people

And sometimes it’s starting again can be scariest of all, when you know how good it feels to be active regularly and nourish your body with whole foods, but you’ve let yourself go for the easy option of sitting on the sofa each night and eating an entire bar of chocolate when you should have settled for a couple of pieces.

So, as of today, I weight 161lb – that’s right, I’ve gained back 6lb that I fought hard to lose late last year.

Weight Loss Goals
My aim is to lose those 6lb and an extra 1lb, to take me to 154lb by the end of August. That’s 7 lb in 8 weeks and should be achievable.
Non-scale goals
More importantly than the number on the scale though, I have a friends’ wedding on August 21st and would like to feel confident in whatever I wear.
I’d like to go through the rest of the summer confident in wearing sleeveless tops (the one area of my body I’m really uncomfortable with)I’d like to get some energy back by exercising more, and consequentially sleep better each night

This is my re-committment to myself and I’m exited to share the part of the journey with you!


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